Kotak Group Health Insurance Products

At Kotak General Insurance, we have designed comprehensive group insurance policies to protect employer-employee groups and non-employer-employee groups like banks, credit societies, educational institutions, travel companies, etc. The term "group health insurance" refers to a health insurance plan that covers many employees working under the same organization. As the employer bears the premium for the same, this is often a valuable benefit for employees. Given the potential risks we are prone to in our daily lives, our policies offer superior coverage to the workforce/group members and their families against unforeseen medical expenditures and accidental risks. The group insurance policies are tailor-made to fit all health and accident-related requirements.

Here's a quick look at our group policies, and their differentiating features:

1.   Kotak Group Health Care (UIN: KOTHLGP21221V022021)

Kotak Group Health Care policy provides customised Health insurance coverage for employees/group members and their dependents based on a company’s requirements. The rising costs in healthcare have made it imperative for companies, irrespective of their size, to safeguard the interests of group members in case of hospitalisation. Available at flexible and affordable rates, the policy helps companies to cushion the financial strain faced by their employees/group members due to unforeseen medical expenses.

Key Features & Benefits

  • In-patient Treatment

  • Pre-hospitalisation Medical Expenses

  • Post-hospitalisation Medical Expenses

  • Day Care Treatment

  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation

  • Emergency Ambulance

  • Donor Expenses

There are several other optional covers like Alternative Treatment, Daily Cash Benefit, Home Nursing, Convalescence, etc. which can be included in the policy.

2.   Kotak Group Secure Shield (UIN: KOTHLGP22099V042122)


Kotak Group Secure Shield, provides a lumpsum benefit on the occurrence of the specified list of critical illnesses. It also provides lumpsum benefit in case of death or disability due to an accident. This policy can be taken by banks/financial institutions to protect the loan liability of the customers. In case the customer is diagnosed with critical illness or there is death/disability of the customer, the policy will take care of the loan liability of the customer.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Critical Illness

  • Death/ Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) due to accident

  • Child Education Benefit

  • Loss of Job Benefit (due to Illness/ Accident)

3.   Kotak Group Accident Protect (UIN: KOTPAGP22075V022122)

Group Accident Protect is a comprehensive approach taken to financially protect every member of the company against the unforeseen risks due to death or disability resulting from an accident. The policy assesses all the risks involved in such a scenario and safeguards the interests of the insured.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Accidental Death

  • Permanent Total Disablement (PTD)

  • Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD)

  • Temporary Total Disablement (TTD)

  • Accidental Hospitalisation

  • Compassionate Visit

  • Modification of Residence/ Vehicle

4.   Kotak Group Smart Cash (UIN: KOTHLGP21220V022021)

Kotak Group Smart Cash will provide a fixed amount for each day of hospitalisation, irrespective of the medical costs. This policy will help to cover the incidental and ancillary expenses (medical and non-medical) that are not covered under the basic health insurance policy.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Hospital Daily Cash Benefit

  • Accident Daily Cash Benefit

  • ICU Daily Cash Benefit

  • Alternative Treatment Benefit (optional benefit)

5.   Kotak Covid-19 Secure (UIN: KOTHLGP21032V012021)

Kotak Covid-19 Secure is a comprehensive group policy which provides lumpsum benefits as well as covers hospitalisation expenses in case of positive diagnosis of Covid in a government authorized diagnostic centre. This policy can be taken by various groups to protect the interests of their group members during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Covid-19 Diagnosis Cover

  • In-patient Hospitalisation Cover

  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Medical Expenses

  • Ambulance Cover

  • Hospital Daily Cash Benefit

6.   Kotak Group Smart Health (UIN: KOTHLGP21592V012021)

Kotak Group Smart Health is a comprehensive group insurance policy which can be customised  as per the requirements of the group. The policy consists of various sections which can be taken as per the group requirements.

Key Sections & Benefits

  • Personal Accident Benefit

  • Animal, Insect And Reptile Attack Benefit

  • Specific Vector Borne Disease Benefit

  • Specific Communicable Disease Benefit

  • Hospital Daily Cash Benefit

  • Critical Illness Benefit

7.   Kotak Group Health Assure (UIN: KOTHLGP22168V012122)

Kotak Group Health Assure policy provides customised health insurance coverage to the group members based on the group’s requirements. The policy helps to cushion the financial liability faced by group members due to unforeseen medical exigencies.

Key Features & Benefits

  • In-patient Treatment

  • Pre and Post hospitalisation Medical Expenses

  • Day Care Treatment

  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation

  • Emergency Ambulance

  • Donor Expenses

  • AYUSH Treatment

There are several other optional covers like Air Ambulance, Daily Cash Benefit, Convalescence, etc. which can be included in the policy.

Kotak General Insurance also provides below mentioned Group products to cater to the needs of micro insurance customers:

Kotak Group Health Care - Micro Insurance – UIN: KOTHMGP21347V022021

Kotak Group Secure Shield - Micro Insurance – UIN: KOTHMGP22115V022122

Kotak Group Accident Protect - Micro Insurance – UIN: KOTPMGP22116V022122

Kotak Group Smart Cash - Micro Insurance – UIN: KOTHMGP21348V022021

Kotak Group Smart Health - Micro Insurance (UIN: KOTHMGP24063V022324)

Kotak Group Health Assure - Micro Insurance (UIN: KOTHMGP24064V022324)

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