A third-party motor insurance is mandatory in India. A large number of people already own vehicles and every day, many more motor vehicles are being purchased. But just owning an insurance policy is not enough. Policyholders may gain the benefit of an insurance policy only if they inform about the claim to the insurance company on time.

Importance of informing about the claim on time

The car insurance claim should be filed in advance in order to gain the benefit of cashless repair across the wide network of garages . In case the garage does not fall in the network of the insurance company, you may file a reimbursement claim. In addition, the sooner you make a claim, the sooner the vehicle will be repaired, and you will be able to receive a quick reimbursement of the amount.

Motor Insurance claim process

The two-step car insurance claim process is explained below. You may follow this for a two-wheeler, private car, commercial vehicle, and other vehicles.

  • Submit a claim intimation form and inform us about the claim with details about the policy

  • Submit all the necessary documentsincluding your Registration Certificate (RC) copy, driving license, and a valid identity proof along with the form

Within 24 hours, a vehicle inspection will be conducted. If a motor accident claim is made on a Sunday or a public holiday, the inspection will be conducted on the next working day.

As mentioned above, a motor vehicle insurance claim process may either be a cashless claim or a reimbursement claim.

  • Cashless claim

  • The confirmation and settlement will be directly done at a preferred network garage. You will have to pay for any other deductibles not covered under the insurance before collecting the vehicle from the garage.

  • Reimbursement claim

  • The vehicle will be repaired after the inspection and you may take its delivery after clearing the bills. The payment will then be initiated within a week of receipt of the relevant documents.

Car Insurance claim process

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Cashless Claims

Reimbursement Claims