Health insurance is one of the most important insurance instruments. We, at Kotak General Insurance, provide a health insurance that covers basic illnesses and one that covers 18 types of critical illnesses in addition to surgical procedures and other medical emergencies. To avail of the benefits of a health insurance, it is important to understand the health insurance claim process in detail and ensure that the claim has been filed within the stipulated timeline.

Importance of informing about the claim on time

To ensure that the medical insurance claim process is smooth and fast, it is important to inform the insurer about the claim on time. This will give them a chance to help you in a quick settlement and you will be able to recover the maximum amount of expenses at the earliest.


Health insurance claim process

Health insurance may be claimed either as a reimbursement or as a cashless claim at one of the network hospitals . In order to register for a health insurance claim, individuals need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Cashless claim

    • In case of a planned hospitalization, you must approach the hospital 48 hours prior to hospitalization. Submit the pre-authorization form and an identity proof along with the medical documents.

    • The initial authorization or other response on cashless request is sent to the hospital within an hour of receipt of the pre-authorization form. The final authorization in case the claim is found to be admissible, or response on discharge request, is sent to the hospital within 3 hours of receipt of complete documents.

    • In case of an emergency hospitalization, visit the cashless helpdesk at the hospital within 24 hours of hospitalization and submit the pre-authorization form as well as an identity proof along with the medical documents

    • If the claim is approved, you will be required to pay only the deductible expenses at the hospital. We will settle the rest at the time of discharge.

    • In case you wish to get admitted in a hospital other than the network hospital, you can file for a reimbursement claim or click here for cashless claim - Cashless Hospital Network Health Insurance | Kotak General Insurance Cashless Hospital Near You

  • Reimbursement claim

    • Intimate us at or 1800 266 4545

    • Settle the bills at the hospital and collect relevant documents

    • Submit the original documents and the claim form within 30 days of discharge from the hospital

    • After verification, your claim will be settled within 15 days

Health Insurance claim process

Watch video to know claim process