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Premium FeaturesComprehensive Plan

discountGrab additional discounts upto 22.5% on credit score

Own Damage Plan
Cashless repairs

Cashless repairs

No claim bonus up to 50%

No claim bonus up to 50%

Coverage to electrical/non-electrical accessories

Coverage to electrical/non-electrical accessories

Coverage to bi-fuel systems

Coverage to bi-fuel systems

Damage to third party property

Damage to third party property

Third party’s death or injury

Third party’s death or injury

Zero Depreciation cover add-on inbuilt

Zero Depreciation cover add-on inbuilt

Extra coverage with optional add-ons

Extra coverage with optional add-ons

Standard Features
Car damage

Car damage

Theft coverage

Theft coverage

Personal accident cover

Personal accident cover

Car damage due to natural disasters

Car damage due to natural disasters

Car damage due to man-made calamities eg: riots

Car damage due to man-made calamities eg: riots

Car damage due to fire

Car damage due to fire

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Electrical accessories

Electrical accessories

Insuring your vehicle’s every need and providing comprehensive plan that covers all electrical/non-electrical accessories.



Don’t let fire damage to your car ruin your life. Stay protected against any loss and get compensated for damages caused by fire.

Self ignition

Self ignition

Get compensated for losses incurred from combustion that occurs without the use of an external heat source.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters

When disaster strike, we’ve got you covered. Get protected from the effects or damages due to natural disasters.

Personal accident

Personal accident

Get comprehensive coverage to protect yourself and your loved ones from unpredictable events such as accidents.



Keeping your property safe & covered from the damages caused by rapid nuclear or chemical reactions.

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Wear, tear & general aging of vehicle

We do not cover any damages due to normal wear and tear and general aging of the vehicle

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Depreciation or consequential losses

Our coverage does not include depreciation or consequential losses (unless they are separately covered by add-ons).

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Vehicle used otherwise

We do not cover any damage caused by the vehicle being driven otherwise than in accordance with the limitations on its use.

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Mechanical/Electrical breakdown

Any damage or loss that occurred due to mechanical or electrical breakdown is not covered by us.

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Any contractual liability

You are not covered under our insurance policy for any contractual liability if you are found to be responsible for the damages.

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Influence of drugs or liquor

We do not cover damage to/by a person who is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Generous Benefits

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In case of a breakdown, we’ve got you covered with towing, repairs and more when you need it most.

Generous Benefits

We say,

Why settle for less! generous-benefits-lady

Road side assistance
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In case of a breakdown, we’ve got you covered with towing,repairs and more when you need it most.

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The perfect coverage for your dream car

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Car Insurance

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Car Insurance

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Overview – Kotak Car Insurance

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a legal document and a contract between the car owner and the car insurance provider. The agreement offers protection for the insurance car in the case of financial losses due to accidents, natural calamities, rodent damages etc.

Apart from the financial assistance requirement, a car insurance is a regulatory document that every car owner must purchase while buying a car. Even second-hand cars need insurance. Besides, a car insurance policy must be renewed every year as per the Government norms.

Key Features of Car Insurance

Kotak car insurance caters to your needs by providing top-notch features that give you benefits in multiple ways throughout your car insurance journey.

Cashless Servicing:

Wherever your long drives take you, our extended network of garages will allow you to enjoy hassle-free cashless service across the country

NCB Discounts & Entitlements:

Are you worried about losing your No Claim Bonus (NCB) if you switch your insurance policy? There is no need to worry, as you can retain your NCB benefits (as per your expiring policy) when you choose to shift your insurance policy from another insurer to Kotak General Insurance.

Premium Discounts:

Get an additional discount (as per the tariff) on your premium when you opt for Voluntary Deductible in addition to Compulsory Deductible.

AAI Members Discount:

If you're an active member of a recognized Automobile Association of India (AAI), you can enjoy an additional discount on your insurance premiums.

Key Benefits of Car Insurance


We provide cover for the partial or complete damages to your car caused by any natural calamities (such as; fire, explosion, self-ignition/lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide, etc.) or man-made calamities (such as; burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accidental external means, terrorist activity, damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift elevator or air, etc.)


The Personal Accident Covers you in case of any injury caused while driving, mounting into, dismounting from, or travelling as a co-driver in the insured vehicle. If any such event happens, the Kotak Car Secure has you covered. This protection is also extended to other passengers travelling in the car, if the number of passengers is limited to the carrying capacity of the car, excluding the driver.


To keep everybody safe, Kotak Car Secure provides cover for any damage to third-party property and third-party bodily injury (including death) caused by an accident involving the insured vehicle.


Your car needs extensive protection that covers damage caused to you as well as the third-party. Hence, Kotak Car Secure covers all electrical and non-electrical accessories as well as the bi-fuel systems of the vehicle in its four-wheeler insurance cover. You can extend the range of your protection by buying add-on coverage at extra premium rates.


For better coverage, you can choose to enhance your policy by choosing from our range of add-ons that are available for an additional premium.


When it comes to keeping your money and your life safe and secure, it pays to go with a reputed company. The Kotak Group has an illustrious history that spans over 3 decades and is considered to be one of the most trusted brands in the country. With Kotak Car Secure, your car is in safe hand.


Based on your previous claim history, you are eligible for an attractive No Claim Bonus (NCB). The amount of NCB increases progressively with each claim-free year up to a maximum of 50%. If you do not make any claims in the preceding year or years, you are entitled to an NCB on the Own Damage (OD) section of the policy based on the following table:

Applicable for one year policies only

Period of Insurance% of NCB on OD Premium
The preceding year20%
Preceding 2 consecutive years25%
Preceding 3 consecutive years35%
Preceding 4 consecutive years45%
Preceding 5 consecutive years50%

Keep in mind, you will be eligible for the NCB only if the insurance policy is renewed within 90 days of the previous policy’s expiry date.

Features of Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

  • Pays for third-party liabilities that may arise due to an accident.
  • Provides compensation for the damages sustained by the insured vehicle.
  • Offers personal accident coverage to policyholders.
  • One can customise and enhance the coverage by opting from several add-ons or riders.

Key Benefits of Buying Car Insurance Online

More Economical

By comparing car insurance policies online, you can determine which is best for you based on its cost. The only thing to note here is that one should consciously compare similar types of car insurance policies.

Paperless transactions

Car insurance policies require you to answer basic questions about yourself and your vehicle. Based on these questions, you can select the insurance coverage you wish to buy for your vehicle. You can obtain your car insurance without filling out any papers if you have been timely renewing your policy or are going to buy a new one. You won't need any paperwork to buy a car insurance policy.

Instant Policy

When you buy a car policy offline, processing physical paperwork takes a long time; however, when you purchase a car insurance policy online, information is processed instantly, and your policy is issued immediately.

More Convenience

Online car insurance purchases are more convenient than traditional ones. You can buy a car insurance policy at one in the morning from the convenience of your home and still have a smooth transaction. Buying car insurance online offers ease.

Checking the credibility of the insurer is easy

Online research into a car insurance provider is more straightforward than offline research. Before buying an online car insurance policy, you can check the company's website to learn more about its Incurred Claim Ratio, claim filing process, and claim resolution time. To obtain a clearer picture, you can also read reviews left by current or former customers.

That's where Kotak General steps in with their expertise, solving all your problems in a snap.

What is Kotak Car Secure?

Kotak Car Secure offers comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, and it is also flexible enough to meet your needs. You can choose between a range of different policies, including collision car insurance, third-party fire and theft insurance and third-party liability insurance. Kotak Car Secure aims to give you a seamless experience right from the day you decide to buy a car insurance plan and, hence, offers you top-notch services as well as a simplified process.

Don't roll the dice when it comes to your protection, invest in a comprehensive car insurance policy that also covers third-party liabilities. Besides, a third-party insurance is a mandate and not having own with your vehicle can result in a huge fine, imprisonment or both. Additionally, a third-party insurance for every vehicle is essential as it helps in easing the financial burden for the victim.

How to Buy Kotak Car Secure?

Kotak General Insurance provides car insurance online by filling in your registration details and make-model, previous claim details, etc. After that, you can get car insurance quotes immediately within the course of a few clicks. At the end of the tenure of your plan, you can avail yourself of car insurance renewal online & get the best deals at your fingertips. It's time to finally get rid of your old car insurance policy. Join Kotak Car Secure today, and experience car insurance as a service at its best.

“Your car is your investment. So, we protect it with the right car insurance.”

Steps to Buy/Renew Kotak Car Insurance Online

Get All-round protection for your precious vehicle in a few steps. We at Kotak General Insurance understand the value of your time and have simplified the car insurance buying process to a few simple steps.

STEP 1: Click on the "Get a Quote" button on the Kotak Car Insurance Page

STEP 2: Fill in your car details such as registration number, model, make etc

STEP 3: Fill in you personal details and make the payment online.

How to Renew Kotak Car Insurance Policy Online?

With Kotak General Insurance, you can renew your car insurance policy by just entering your existing policy number or customer ID on the page. Once your policy number/customer ID is verified, you can make the payment to renew your insurance instantly.

Why choose Kotak for Car Insurance Online?

You and Kotak Car Secure have the mutual goal of keeping your car safe and sound. Under any unforeseen circumstances, Kotak provides all-around protection.

With Kotak Car Secure, enjoy enhanced protection that pays for first-party and third-party damage.

For any critical or non-urgent circumstance, you can rely on our 24-hour assistance. Get the benefit of a maximum of 50% No Bonus Claim Get access to Kotak’s cashless garage network across India

Kotak Car Insurance Optional Covers

By selecting your top choices from the available range of optional covers, you have an opportunity to build a car insurance policy that caters to your personal needs. For extended protection and to secure your car under dynamic circumstances, you can choose from any of the given additional covers.

Depreciation Cover

Secure the depreciation value of your car in case of total loss with our depreciation cover. With this cover, you can claim the maximum amount of your car without any deduction for depreciation.

Consumables Cover

With consumables cover, you get compensated for the replacement of consumable items like lubricants, engine oil, brake oil, power steering oil, AC gas, nuts, bolts, grease, etc. This cover saves you from having to pay out of your own pocket for these consumables.

Engine Protect

Your car’s engine is in a state of constant wear and tear and, hence, it is subject to damage. With an engine protect cover, you can get compensated for consequential losses caused to the car's engine or/and its parts due to incidents like water ingression, leakage of lubricant oil, etc.

Return to Invoice

In case of a total loss of your car due to theft or accident, you can get compensated with the insured declared value (IDV) of the car with the help of the Return to Invoice add-on. This add-on cover is not applicable for transfer of ownership cases.

Tyre Protection Cover

Your car’s tyres are exposed to incessant struggles as they bear the weight of the vehicle while at the same time surviving the bad road conditions. Hence, it is vulnerable to suffering damage. Using tyre protection cover, you can get compensated for the repair, replacement, as well as labour charges incurred. This cover is valid upto 1.5 years only with tyre serial number.

Daily Car Allowance

When your car is under repair for more than two days, you can continue with your customary work and chores using the add-on cover of daily car allowance.

Loss of Personal Belonging

There are chances that in the case of accidents, it’s not just your car that faces damage but also personal belongings that were inside the car. With this car insurance protection cover, you can be compensated for the loss of personal belongings as per the IDV of your policy.

Roadside Assistance

With our 24*7 roadside assistance, you can protect your vehicle from unexpected on-the-road inconveniences. This cover provides you with backup under the following circumstances.

  • Towing due to an accident or breakdown
  • Battery jump start
  • Arrangement/Supply of fuel
  • Emptying of the fuel tank
  • Flat tyre(s)
  • Breakdown support over the phone
  • Taxi benefits
  • Arrangement of keys
  • Message relay
  • Minor repairs

How to File a Car Insurance Claim - Kotak Car Insurance

Cashless Claim Process

Step 1:

Call us on 1 800 266 4545 (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.) and intimate us about your claim with the details of your policy.

Step 2:

Once your claim is registered, our customer support executive will provide you with a Claim Reference Number.

Step 3:

You will be required to submit the relevant documents, which may include your Driving License, RC Copy, and Policy FIR Copy, in accordance with the Policy terms and conditions.

Step 4:

An arrangement will be made by us for an inspection, it will be conducted within 24 hours if a claim is reported on a working day, or the next working day if the claim is reported on a Sunday or a public holiday.

Step 5:

On cashless facility confirmation, the vehicle can be repaired at a preferred network garage, on payment made directly to the garage.

Step 6:

You will only be required to pay the deductible as mentioned in the policy, and the depreciation value, salvage, etc., as informed by the surveyor.

Reimbursement Process

Step 1:

Call us on 1 800 266 4545 (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.) and intimate us about your claim with the details of your policy.

Step 2:

Once your claim is registered, our customer support executive will provide you with a Claim Reference Number.

Step 3:

You will be required to submit the relevant documents, which may include your Driving License, RC Copy, and Policy FIR Copy, in accordance with the Policy terms and conditions.

Step 4:

An arrangement will be made by us for an inspection, it will be conducted within 24 hours if a claim is reported on a working day, or the next working day if the claim is reported on a Sunday or a public holiday.

Step 5:

The vehicle can then be repaired by the insurer followed by the payment for the same by the insurer.

Step 6:

Submit all bills, payment receipt along with your policy details to us, and we will make the payment within 7 working days of completion of the documentation

List of documents required for filing a Car Insurance claim

  • Registration Certificate (RC) Copy
  • Policy Copy
  • Policy holder's valid ID proof
  • Drivers Driving license
  • FIR Copy (In case of theft and TP claim)
  • Duly filled Claim form
  • Any further requirements will be conveyed basis inspection

What is not covered by Kotak Car Insurance Policy?

To best enjoy all your inclusions, you must also learn about the exclusions. It’s ideal to have every piece of information before you buy Car Insurance. Here is a list of all the exclusions from our car insurance policy.

Loss/Damage to the vehicle/accessory/accessories arising by the following will not be covered:

  • Normal wear and tear and general aging of the vehicle
  • Depreciation or any consequential losses(* Unless separately covered by add ons)
  • Vehicle being used otherwise than in accordance with limitations as to use
  • Mechanical/electrical breakdown
  • Any contractual liability
  • Damage to/by a person driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or liquor
  • Damage to/by a person driving the vehicle without a valid license
  • Damages due to nuclear risk or war

Cancellation Grid: In case you would like to cancel your policy within a year, we will retain a portion of the premium as specified below:

Period% of Annual Premium
Not Exceeding 1 month20%
Exceeding 1 month but not exceeding 2 months 30%
Exceeding 2 months but not exceeding 3 months40%
Exceeding 3 months but not exceeding 4 months50%
Exceeding 4 months but not exceeding 5 months60%
Exceeding 5 months but not exceeding 6 months 70%
Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 7 months80%
Exceeding 7 months but not exceeding 8 months90%
Exceeding 8 months Full Annual PremiumFull Annual Premium

Important Car Insurance Terms

Car Insurance Premium

The car insurance premium refers to the amount paid periodically by the policyholder to the insurance company for the coverage as per the policy.

Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Car Insurance

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of a vehicle is the maximum Sum Insured fixed by the insurer at the beginning of each policy period for the insured vehicle. The IDV of the vehicle is to be fixed on the basis of the manufacturer's listed selling price of the brand and model as the vehicle insured at the commencement of insurance/renewal and adjusted for depreciation. If the vehicle suffers total loss, the IDV is the compensation the insurer will provide to the policyholder.

Coverage in Car Insurance Policy

Coverage is the amount of risk that is covered for the policyholder through an insurance policy.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) in Car Insurance

The No Claim Bonus is the discount on the own damage portion on the premium offered to the policyholder from the car insurance company for responsible driving and not filing damage claims during the preceding policy year.

Zero Depreciation in Car Insurance

Zero Depreciation Cover is an add-on wherein the entire claim amount is settled by the insurance company without factoring in depreciation value of the insured car. This cover is applicable to vehicles that are less than 5 years old.

Own Damage cover in Car Insurance

Own Damage cover protects the insured vehicle against the damages caused due to accidents, and man-made and natural calamities such riots, theft, fire, flood, etc.

Cashless Claims in Car Insurance

When you get your damaged car repaired at your insurance provider's network garage, the insurer pays the garage directly. Since the policyholder does not have to handle this expense from his/her own pocket, this facility is called a cashless claim.

Comprehensive Coverage in Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers a four-wheeler against own and third-party damages. It provides financial help to the policyholder if the insured car has sustained damages due to road accidents, natural disasters, artificial calamities, theft, fire, etc., along with third-party liabilities.

Deductibles in Car Insurance

In car insurance, deductibles are a part of the claim amount you will pay from your pocket during claim settlement. The rest of the claim amount is paid by the insurance company. There are two types: voluntary and compulsory deductible. A compulsory deductible is an amount you must pay mandatorily whenever a claim is registered. The amount of mandatory deductible depends on the cubic capacity of a car's engine. On the other hand, a voluntary deductible is the part of the claim amount you willingly choose to pay at the time of claim settlement. You can also choose not to pay voluntary deductibles by opting for zero deductibles while buying a car policy.

RTO- Regional Transport Office

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office and is a government body responsible for vehicle registration and issuance of driver’s licenses. Also, the RTO in each state is responsible for maintaining the database of its drivers and vehicles.

Car Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

The Insured's Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle is the maximum sum assured fixed by the insurer at the beginning of each policy period for the insured vehicle. If the vehicle suffers damages beyond repair, the IDV is the compensation that the insurer will provide to the policyholder.

Roadside Assistance is a service that provides you with the necessary help required in case you are stranded on the road when your car breaks down. It includes:

  • Towing due to an accident or breakdown

  • Battery jump start

  • Arrangement/Supply of fuel

  • Emptying of the fuel tank

  • Tyre Cover

  • Breakdown support over the phone

  • Taxi benefits

  • Arrangement of keys

  • Message relay

  • Minor repairs

The IDV of the vehicle is calculated based on the manufacturer's listed selling price of the brand and model of the vehicle proposed for insurance at the commencement of insurance or renewal and is adjusted for depreciation (as per the schedule specified below). The IDV of the sidecar(s) and/or accessories, if any, fitted to the vehicle but not included in the manufacturer's listed selling price of the vehicle is also likely to be fixed.

Age of the Vehicle% Depreciation for Fixing IDV
Not exceeding 6 months5%
Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 year15%
Exceeding 1 year but not exceeding 2 years20%
Exceeding 2 years but not exceeding 3 years30%
Exceeding 3 years but not exceeding 4 years40%
Exceeding 4 years but not exceeding 5 years50%

An endorsement is written evidence of an agreed change in policy terms.

Typically, a general insurance contracts like car insurance are for a period of one year, unless stated otherwise. Please check your policy certificate cum schedule to determine the period of coverage.

There are 2 types of car insurance in India:

Third-party car insurance:
This type of car insurance is mandatory as per law. As the name suggests, it only provides coverage in case of damage done to any third-party vehicle.
Comprehensive Car Insurance:
This type of car insurance covers third-party liability as well as damages done to your own car.

Some of the benefits of auto insurance are:

  • Damage protection
    A comprehensive car insurance policy provides cover against the damages caused due to various unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, fire, theft, natural and man-made disasters and provides all-around damage protection to your car.
  • Third-party liabilities
    A comprehensive car insurance policy offers third-party insurance as well and covers damage or loss to the third-party person or property.
  • No claim bonus
    NCB is a reward given to the policyholder by the insurance company for not making a claim in the policy year.
  • Network garages
    The car insurance company provides you with a list of network garages they are associated with where you can enjoy cashless repair benefits and take care of your car post damage.

Zero depreciation cover helps you protect your car against all physical damages caused to the car without factoring in the element of depreciation. Normally the insurer accounts for depreciation on your car's parts and therefore pay you your claim only after subtracting the amount of depreciation. But, with the Zero depreciation add-on, you get claim amount without deducting the depreciation.

First foremost, you have to apply for a car insurance transfer by paying a transfer fee along with the documents mentioned below:

  • Existing Insured's consent

  • New Customer's Proposal

  • Transferred RC Copy / Sale Proof

  • Inspection of Vehicle (If request received post 14 days of transfer)

  • NCB Recovery, if any

  • Recovery / Refund of ODPA, if any

  • Transfer Fee

  • Then hand over the new policy schedule to the new policy holder.

The premium of car insurance includes the following components:

  • Third party liability:
    The third-party liability premium is fixed by the IRDAI and is same across all insurance providers. Below is the chart that shows the premium fixed by IRDAI for third party liability as per the cubic capacity of your car.
    Cubic capacity Premium with effect from 1st June 2022
    Below 1000 ccRs. 2094
    Above 1000 cc but below 1500 ccRs. 3416
    Above 1500 ccRs. 7897
  • Own damage premium:
    This varies across all insurance providers and is fixed basis considering several factors such as
  • IDV
    The IDV represents the maximum coverage that your car insurance plan allows. This value is calculated after deducting the depreciation from the car’s market value.
  • Make model and variant of car:
    The car insurance premium is also calculated basis the make, model, and variant of the car. A car with a higher variant has a higher premium; similarly, luxury cars have a higher car insurance premium compared to normal cars.
  • Location:
    Your geographical location is considered when calculating the premium. The premium amount for the same car in big cities is different from that of small towns.
  • Type of fuel: 
    Fuel type is also considered when calculating the car insurance premium. Petrol cars have comparatively lower car insurance premiums than diesel cars.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB): 
    The No Claim Bonus is a discount on the car insurance premium provided by us if you have not raised any claim during the policy tenure. The car insurance premium is fixed after subtracting the No claim bonus.
  • Year of manufacture: 
    The year of car manufacture defines the age of the car. The older the car lower is the car insurance premium.
  • Add-ons
    Add-ons help to increase coverage for your car insurance plan but require you to pay a higher premium.
  • Personal accident cover premium:
    The premium also depends upon the type of personal accident coverage you choose.

The IDV is an important factor that decides the price of car insurance. Insured declared value is a fixed value in a car insurance policy at which your car is insured. Few factors that impact IDV are:

  • Car type: 
    The value of the car depends upon its type. Generally, there are 3 types - SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans. You may also find sports car variants or vintage cars. The value of an SUV is higher than a hatchback; similarly, a vintage car though old, has a higher value than most new cars. 
  • Variant of the car: 
    Same cars of the same brand may have advanced features that place the car at a higher variant. The higher the variant of the car, the more the value of the car, which increases the IDV.
  • Purchase location: 
    The on-road price of the same cars varies across different locations. This change in price can change the value of the IDV of the same vehicle at different purchase locations. 
  • Depreciation: 
    Depreciation is the reduction in the value of the car over the years due to general wear and tear. It is inversely proportional to the value of the car. The higher the depreciation lower is the car’s value.
  • Accessories:
    The car accessories also depreciate over time and are also included in calculating the IDV of your car. 
No matter how much you pay for your car insurance, you can always get a discount on your car insurance premium with
No Claim Bonus on Car Insurance:
No claim bonus is a discount that is given to you if you have not raised any claim during the policy tenure. Retaining the no claim bonus helps you to get a higher discount every year on your car insurance renewal.
Security measures:
Installing anti-theft or security devices ensures that your car is safe from theft which in turn reduces your premium for car insurance policy.

While comparing car insurance quotes, buyers generally look for insurance policies that provide maximum coverage at the lowest premium. While this can be a factor but completely depending upon low premiums can be a big mistake. Instead, you must look at

  • The right IDV
  • Better services
  • Claim settlement ratio
  • To get your car insurance quote
  • Enter your car registration number, your mobile number, and your email id
  • You can choose from the range of different car insurance policies as per your need
  • You can also personalize your plans by choosing add-ons to provide better coverage
At Kotak General Insurance, we settle your car insurance claims within 7 days of submitting all your requisite documents. Also, the sooner you raise a claim, the sooner your car will get repaired and the sooner your claim will be settled.

For the car insurance claim process, you would need to 

  • Inform us about the damage
  • Submit the claim intimation form
  • Submit all necessary information 
  • We will send a surveyor for inspection within 24 hours

Here are a few factors that affect the car insurance premium are as follows:

  • Age of the vehicle
  • IDV
  • Location
  • Car model
  • Type of fuel
  • Car safety appliances 
A comprehensive car insurance policy with add-on covers provides wider coverage for your car, and you can claim a higher amount for the damage. Here are a few add-ons that you can add to your car insurance policy and get higher financial protection for any damage.
  • Zero depreciation cover
  • Return to invoice
  • No Claim Bonus protection
  • Engine and gearbox protection
  • Emergency assistance cover
Losing your car insurance policy may lead you to pay heavy fines, although you have one. But now, you can immediately download your car insurance policy copy from our website
  • Click on the link
  • Enter your policy number 
  • Enter your registered Mobile number
  • Or 
  • Your registered email id
  • And Click on Get OTP
  • Type the OTP and click on download car insurance policy document
To get the duplicate car insurance policy offline, you will have to
  • Inform the insurance provider about the loss of papers
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station
  • Need to publish an advertisement in your state newspaper
  • Need to submit an application to your car insurance provider for duplicate papers
  • Get an indemnity bond acknowledged by the notary 
Your car insurance is just a click away.
  • Visit the Kotak car insurance page to get your car insurance online.
  • Click on the “Get Quote” button
  • Fill in the required details such as registration number, model, make etc.
  • Quote for car insurance will be generated basis the details submitted
  • Proceed to submit the proposer details
  • Make the payment
  • Car insurance policy document will be generated which can then be saved
Car insurance add-on covers are optional covers that can be purchased along with a car insurance policy at an additional premium to enhance its coverage and enjoy exclusive benefits associated with them. There are several add-on covers offered that you can purchase by paying an extra amount. These add-on covers are mostly available only with comprehensive car insurance covers.
  • Types of car insurance
    The type of car insurance you get is highly responsible for deciding your premium amount. If you just buy third-party motor insurance, its premium may be relatively lower than the premium of the comprehensive car insurance policy.
  • Engine capacity
    The engine capacity, or cubic capacity, refers to the total power produced by the engine of a vehicle. Hence, if you have a higher CC vehicle, you will have to pay a higher car insurance premium amount.
  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)
    IDV is the maximum amount that you can claim for any loss or damage to the vehicle. It is one of the critical factors that greatly affect the premium.
  • Car’s manufacturing year
    Older cars have lower IDV values hence comparatively lesser car insurance premium than new vehicles with relatively higher IDV values.
  • Registration location
    Car insurance premium rates for vehicles in metro cities are different than those in Tier II or III cities. Metro cities are high-risk locations, hence, the possibility of paying high car insurance premium rates.
  • Add-on coverage
    Add-on coverages for car insurance give you an opportunity to customise your policy. These coverages are not a part of your basic car insurance policy and can be bought at an extra premium rate.

You canrenew your comprehensive car insurance online. For car insurance renewal, you are required to fill in the following details online:

Step 1:Fill in your existing car insurance policy number or your customer id

Step 2:Fill in your vehicle registration number or vehicle engine number, or vehicle chassis number

You should not let your car insurance lapse and renew it immediately if expired. In case you renew it after expiry, the following outcomes may follow:

If you have earned any No Claim Bonus over the last few years of the policy period, you might lose the same.

After your insurance expires, your car is not insured and that may put you and your car at considerable financial and legal risk in case of any.

Having at least third-party car insurance is mandatory by law, so in case you are charged under the law for driving without valid car insurance, you will get fined or face legal implications

Renewing your car insurance is crucial to ensure seamless protection. At Kotak General Insurance, the renewal of car insurance is quick and hassle-free. It is advised to renew your policy before it expires, though, even if your car insurance policy has expired, all you need to do is enter your existing policy number or customer ID on the online car insurance renewal page. Once your policy number/customer ID is verified, you can make the payment to renew your car insurance instantly.

The car insurance premium is influenced by following parameters:

  • Car make and model

  • Type of cover

  • Age of the vehicle

  • Location

You can also calculate thecar insurance premiumonline with the help of the car insurance calculator. All you have to do is enter your vehicle details along with the mobile number and email id and click on “Get Quote.”

  • To renew your car insurance policy for old cars, click here.
  • Select your desired car insurance plan
  • Enter your previous car insurance policy number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • And you can buy new car insurance for your old car
If you have lost your RC book, then you have to register a complaint with the police at the nearest police station. You must provide all the details about how and where exactly you lost your RC card. Then fill in the required forms and mention the registration number of your vehicle, model, your name and address, the chassis number of the vehicle, engine number, etc. The Regional Transport Office then provides an RC extract that can be submitted with other requested documents for filing the car insurance claim.

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