Car Insurance in Mumbai

Car Insurance Policy in Mumbai

Mumbai, the most populous city in India, is home to over 22 million people. Thanks to its booming economy and well-deserved reputation as the cultural and entertainment hub of the nation, Mumbai attracts a throng of tourists from around the globe. People come to ‘the city that never sleeps’ to experience its premiere nightlife, gorge on the lip-smacking food, and shop from the unique bazaars that line the streets across town.

Of course, it is intimidating for a city with limited space and infrastructure to accommodate such a large number of citizens, a number that keeps growing. Perhaps for this reason, peripheral areas like Thane and Navi Mumbai are becoming increasingly popular among those who wish to remain in the din of Mumbai but want to distance themselves from the overcrowding. Real estate is currently flourishing in these newly-planned cities, accompanied with a steep rise in the number of vehicles on the road.

Between the massive influx of vacationers and daily swarm of resident commuters, the public transportation system is barely able to keep up with the relentless rise in travel requirements. This is one of the reasons why the streets of Mumbai are perpetually crawling with private vehicles. The expedited way of living has made it imperative for inhabitants to purchase a car of their own. Driving in and around Mumbai is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity.

However, the ownership of a car doesn’t just come with the promise of convenience, it also comes with the responsibility of buying an insurance. Given the potential perils on road, investing in a car insurance in Mumbai or nearby areas like Thane or Navi Mumbai, is perhaps the most sensible thing you can do to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.

At Kotak General Insurance we offer policies that not only protect your car against damages, but also provide a host of additional services such as no claim bonus and cashless garages. We have established a sizeable network of cashless garages across the city, including Thane and Navi Mumbai, where you can get your vehicle repaired without having to pay anything upfront.

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Cashless Garages in Mumbai, Thane or Navi Mumbai

Whether you are in Mumbai, Thane, or Navi Mumbai, you will find a garage near you that provides our cashless service. To check our full list of network garages, see below.

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Benefits of Kotak General Insurance’s Car Insurance Policy

Investing in car insurance may not be a choice, but you do have the freedom to decide where to purchase the policy from.
In addition of being an affordable car insurance policy provider in Mumbai, opting for Kotak General Insurance’s Car Secure Policy for your car will enable you to avail various benefits such as:

  • Damage protection against man-made and natural calamities
  • Personal accident and passenger cover
  • Third party liability
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Add-ons such as zero depreciation cover, medical cover, etc.
  • Up to 22.5% additional discount based on credit score
  • Automobile Association of India (AAI) member discount

A good car insurance in India is one that protects you and your vehicle from any financial loss and helps you remain stress-free on the road.
Get a car insurance policy quote or buy a car insurance plan from us to secure your driving experience on the unpredictable streets of Mumbai.

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