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Car Insurance Policy in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, alternatively known as Amdavad, is the financial powerhouse of Gujarat. Owing to a flourishing textile industry, exceptional architecture, and steadily rising population, it is often mistaken as the capital city of the state. While that was true at one time, the capital has long since been shifted to Gandhinagar.

Once governed by powerful dynastic clashes, Ahmedabad in its present state is a picture of cultural diversity. And even though the sprawling metropolis enjoys many perks of being one of the fastest-developing cities in India, it suffers from none of the disadvantages. For example, you will rarely find yourself stuck in a traffic jam, but not due to a lack of vehicles on the road. In fact, like any other metro, Ahmedabad is congested with cars. However, the infrastructure and flawless design of the city help keep the roads organised and make the driving experience a pleasant one.

Despite that, there are several risks involved in being on the road. These risks are only going to amplify in a big city like Ahmedabad, where the number of private vehicles is steadily on the rise. That is why buying a car insurance in India is very important. It is a safety net that protects the driver and passengers from financial adversities in case of an accident or other vehicle-related events.

If you are looking for car insurance in Ahmedabad, we at Kotak General Insurance offer comprehensive coverage for private vehicle owners. In addition to benefits like third party liability, our policy also provides the facility of cashless garages. We have built a vast network of garages all over Ahmedabad where you can repair or service your damaged vehicles for no expenses upfront.

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Cashless Garages in Ahmedabad

You can easily avail our cashless service through multiple access points. To know about complete list of cashless garages in Ahmedabad, see below.



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Benefits of Kotak General Insurance’s Car Insurance Policy

Besides cashless garages and an affordable car insurance premium, with Kotak Car Secure, you also get several benefits, such as:

  • Damage cover protection from natural and man-made calamities
  • Personal accident and passenger cover
  • Third party liability
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Up to 22.5% additional discount based on credit score
  • Automobile Association of India (AAI) member discount
  • Enhanced protection through optional add-ons

In matters of protecting yourself and your vehicle from any harm, it is better to be safe than sorry. So, don’t delay the critical task of insuring your car and purchase our car insurance policy today to avail maximum benefits.

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