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What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a coverage which safeguards against the financial implications of a medical contingency. A health insurance policy usually covers the hospital and medical bills that you might incur in the case of a covered illness or accidental injury.

There are two main types of health insurance plans – indemnity and fixed benefit health plans. Indemnity plans pay the actual medical costs that you incur in the case of a sickness or injury. Fixed benefit plans, on the other hand, pay a lump sum benefit irrespective of the actual medical costs incurred.
Indemnity health insurance plans, also called Mediclaim or medical insurance plans, are quite popular since they help you avail of cashless treatments without worrying about hospital bills, medical expenses etc.

Why Do You need a medical insurance policy ?

Health Insurance is your key to stay protected always. Know why it's a must-havewhy-car-insurance

Increasing illnesses

Illnesses and diseases are on the rise. Diabetes, hypertension, heart-related ailments, lifestyle conditions, etc. have become a common occurrence. These might require frequent medical attention. Alternatively, if the illness continues, it can become severe and require advanced treatments. A medical insurance plan is, thus, necessary to prevent against the financial implication of rising illnesses.

Expensive costs

Medical treatments and hospitalisation have become expensive. A small surgery can cost lakhs of rupees, and if the treatment is advanced, the medical bills might be financially draining. A medical insurance plan covers your medical expenses and allows access to quality healthcare. That is why it is a must.

Tax benefits

You can also receive tax benefits on the premiums paid for medical insurance plans. This advantage helps reduce your tax liability, allowing you to save money and protect your savings against medical emergencies. Know more reasons why you need to get medical insurance.

Kotak Health Insurance product

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Features of our various Health insurance plans by Kotak

See what makes our health insurance policies stand out!various-features

The comprehensive health insurance policy, Kotak Health Premier allows a range of inbuilt and optional coverage features for complete protection.
The salient features of the plan are as follows –

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In-patient treatment

A minimum of 24 hours of hospitalisation will be covered including room rent, ICU charges, operation theatre charges, doctor’s fees, etc.

Day care treatment

Medical expenses which require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation will be covered. The complete list is available on our website www.kotakgeneral.com.

Pre and post - hospitalization expenses

Pre and post-hospitalization expenses up to a specified number of days will be covered.

Restoration benefit

There will be a 100% restoration of the Base Sum Insured and the Cumulative bonus.

Cumulative bonus

A cumulative bonus can be earned up to 100% of the Sum Insured as per the plan without any reduction in case of a claim,

Annual health check-up

The policy includes one health check-up for each Insured person above 18 years regardless of any claim in the policy.

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30 Day waiting period

Treatment expenses within 30 days are excluded, except for accident claims. Insured persons with over 12 months of continuous coverage are not excluded.

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Specified disease / procedure waiting period

Covers specified medical expenses for 2 years from policy start (e.g. Hernia, Gout etc.)

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Pre-existing disease waiting period

Pre-existing diseases not covered until plan's waiting period elapsed.

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Permanent exclusions

Treatments permanently excluded: Alcoholism, drug/substance abuse, intentional self-injury, cosmetic surgery, unproven treatments, sterility/infertility.

Pre-policy medical check-up

A pre-policy medical check-up involves health check-up of the insured members to assess their current health risks. If you opt for a high sum insured or if you are considerably old in age, you might have to undergo pre-entrance health check-ups. Alternatively, if you declare an adverse medical condition, then also the medical check-up might be required.

The requirement of such check-ups depends on the underwriting guidelines of the insurance company. The test is conducted at the insurer’s networked diagnostic facility and the results are valid for 30 days. If you are eligible for a pre-policy medical check-up, the details of the medical tests and the diagnostic centre would be informed in advance.


Besides the waiting period, Kotak health insurance plans do not allow coverage for the following instances –

  • Claims arising due to war, nuclear contamination, mutiny and related perils

  • Cosmetic treatments

  • Dental treatments, unless otherwise specified

  • Maternity treatments, unless otherwise covered as an inbuilt or an optional benefit

  • Self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicides

  • Illnesses or injuries suffered due to alcohol or drug addiction

  • Participation in hazardous or adventure sports and claims arising thereof

  • Participation in acts of criminal nature

  • Fraudulent claims, etc.

* For a complete list of permanent exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings


UIN no.

Kotak Health Premier


Optional covers of Kotak Health Premier Insurance

Customise your coverage with our amazing add-ons - they're like bonus features for extra protection!addons


Home nursing benefit

Under this cover the cost of hiring a nurse is covered after you are discharged after treatment


Daily cash for accompanying an insured child

If an insured minor child is admitted to a hospital, the optional cover would pay a daily cash allowance for the accompanying adult


Compassionate visit

The cost of return journey is paid for an immediate family member/ relative for travelling to the Hospital where the Insured Person is hospitalised


Critical illness cover (available for age 18 years and above)

The optional cover has a list of 18 illnesses. If the insured suffers any of the covered illness, a lump sum benefit is paid

Why choose Kotak for online Health Insurance

Experience seamless protection and security with uswhy-choose-kgi

Kotak offers a range of online health insurance plans to match your coverage needs. The plans are comprehensive in their scope of coverage and are available at affordable premiums. Here are some reasons why you can choose Kotak for buying an online health insurance policy.


A trusted name

Kotak General Insurance is a part of the famed Kotak Group which has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Spanning a range of financial services, the Kotak Group is reliable and has a wide customer base.


24/7 assistance

You might need assistance in buying a suitable health plan or at the time of claims. Kotak offers round-the-clock assistance for all your queries and needs. You can connect with the company at your convenience and get the solution for your queries.


Quick claim settlements

Kotak has consistently settled customer claims to help you in times of need. Kotak health insurance plans have a high claim settlement ratio which fosters trust in the company.


Lowest complaint ratio

Kotak keeps its customers at the forefront and seeks to solve their grievances at the earliest. That is why the company enjoys the lowest complaint ratio in the insurance industry.


Wide variety of health insurance products

Get comprehensive health insurance from Kotak. Choose from indemnity or fixed benefit plans for complete financial protection, including hospitalisation cover, super top-up health plans, personal accident health plans, and more.


Easy purchases

Easily purchase a Kotak health insurance plan online or offline. Meet a representative or visit a branch for offline purchases, or visit the website, choose your plan, fill an online application, and pay premiums for online transactions.

Why buy a Medical Insurance plan at an early Age?

Kotak General Insurance enhances your health insurance with numerous additional benefits.addons


Early protection

Buy medical insurance early for coverage against unforeseen health issues. Even when young and healthy, unexpected illnesses or injuries, like during the COVID pandemic, can occur. Early purchase ensures coverage for medical expenses.


Financial security

Health insurance provides financial security, covering medical bills without impacting savings or monthly budgets. Early purchase ensures financial security from a young age, allowing you to plan for other goals without concerns about unforeseen medical expenses.


You can wait out the waiting period

Health insurance plans have waiting periods for specific illnesses. Purchasing early allows you to wait out these periods while you're young and less likely to be affected. This ensures complete protection when needed.


Enjoy tax benefits

Health insurance plans also allow tax benefits. You can reduce your tax liability by claiming a deduction on the health insurance premium paid. When you buy early, you can enjoy tax benefits from an early age for efficient tax planning.

Steps to buy Health Insurance online from Kotak

Hassle-free insurance at your fingertips with our easy and fast online processdesc

It's time to make health your priority. Opt Kotak Health Premier Plan, which is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides all-around protection in just a few steps. Apply for the health plan as listed below:


Click on the "Get a Quote" button on the Kotak Health Insurance Page.


Fill in your family details such as number of adults, number of kids, mobile number, etc.


Select the Suitable Plan


Make the Payment Online

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Kotak Health Insurance reviews & ratings

Look what they have to say

Kotak Health Insurance reviews & ratings

Look what they have to say

We are very happy if you are satisfied with our service and products. Let's read pure reviews from customers who bought our products.

Health Insurance

No regrets for choosing Kotak health insurance policy. Very happy to share this feedback.

Health Insurance

This was my first claim in last 4 years and 1 must say that everything went smoothly.

Health Insurance

Appreciate the assistance of the concerned claim teams. Also prompt action and consideration are greatly appreciated along with proper guidance.

How is Health Insurance premium calculated

Let's talk about how health insurance premiums are calculatedhow-to-choose

How to calculate health insurance premium online?

Kotak allows you to calculate your health insurance premium online. The process is simple and requires some simple steps. You can use the premium calculator to check the premium online. Here’s how you can calculate your health insurance premium online


Open the premium calculator and furnish your details.


Save tax with Health Insurance policy

Learn some savvy tips to avoid actions that raise your health insurance costshow-to-choose

There are different ways to save tax with health insurance policy. Have a look at


As mentioned earlier, a health insurance policy helps in saving taxes.


The premium paid towards the health plan can reduce your taxable income and, consequently, your tax liability.


You can pick an indemnity or a fixed-benefit health insurance plan and the premium would enjoy the aforementioned tax benefits.


Moreover, for the optional add-ons selected, the additional premium paid also qualifies for a deduction under Section 80D up to the specified limits. Know more about tax deductions on health insurance.


Advantages of renewing Health Insurance online

Here's why online health insurance renewal is a win for youfactors



Renewing online is easy. You simply have to visit the insurer’s website, enter your policy number and other verification details and check the policy status. Then you can choose the renewal option, pay the renewal premium and the policy would be renewed easily.



The online renewal process is instant. You don’t have to wait for hours or days. Just choose the policy details and pay the renewal premium online. The policy gets renewed without delay. This is particularly helpful if your health plan is near its expiry date as you don’t have to lapse the coverage with instant renewals.


Facility of comparison

On renewing online, you can compare the other health insurance plans and see which offers a comprehensive scope of coverage at competitive rates of premium. You can compare and switch to another policy if it offers better coverage at attractive rates.

How to file a Health Insurance claim at Kotak

Filing a claim has never been this easy – we made sure of itdesc


Take a pre-authorisation in case of a planned hospitalisation by informing us 48 hours prior to admission.


In case of unplanned hospitalisation, intimate us about your claim by calling 1800 266 4545 within 24 hours of admission.


Visit any of our network hospitals & use our Policy Certificate to avail cashless facility.


Intimate us by calling 1800 266 4545 immediately on hospitalisation.


Settle bills directly in the hospital & collect all relevant documents. Submit all original documents to us within 30 days of discharge.


List of applicable documents is available on our website: https://www.kotakgeneral.com/

List of documents required for Health Insurance claim reimbursement

Get familiar with the documents needed for speedy claim processhow-to-choose

Documents required for health insurance claim

There are certain documents which are required for health insurance claim reimbursement. These documents are as follows


Health insurance claim form


Pre-authorization claim form in the case of cashless claims


Diagnostic test reports


Original pharmacy bills


Original doctor’s reports, prescriptions and hospital records


Identity proof of the insured


Police FIR in the case of accidental claims


Discharge summary issued by the hospital after you are discharged


Any other document required by the insurance company


Bank details of the claimant in the case of reimbursement claims


Kotak General Insurance cashless network hospitals

Our cashless network hospital provides easy and smooth health insurance claim experiencewhy-car-insurance

Buying Kotak General Insurance’s health insurance gives access to cashless network hospitals which provides a quality healthcare facility from a wide range of hospital network that makes cashless or reimbursement claims a stress-free experience.

Health Insurance terms You need to know about

There's always more to know about health Insurancefactors


Room rent limit

This is the maximum room rent that the health insurance policy would cover. The room rent limit may be different for normal hospitalisation and ICU admission.


Proportionate deduction

Exceeding the allowed room rent limit results in proportionate deduction. For instance, if the allowed limit is Rs.5000 and the room rent is Rs.10,000, a claim of Rs.25,000 (50% of the total) would be paid for a Rs.50,000 hospitalization claim.


Compulsory deductible

It is the amount you pay for each claim. It applies to certain coverage features, such as a waiting period before coverage for domiciliary hospitalization begins. Expenses in the initial 3 days serve as a compulsory deductible.

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Important blogs about Health Insurance

You deserve to know all about health insuranceadditional

Health Insurance - frequently asked questions

Of course, you may have more questions related to health insurance, so scroll down and find your question answered!

Medical/ Health insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover medical expenses arising due to unforeseen illnesses or injuries. The health insurance policy covers hospitalisation expenses and other medical costs that you might incur depending on the coverage offered under the plan.

There are different types of health insurance plans available in India. These include the following –

  • Arogya Sanjeevani Policy – This is a standardized health insurance policy issued in accordance with IRDAI guidelines. The policy offers affordable cover for the basic medical expenses that you might incur.

  • Indemnity health insurance – This policy covers the hospitalisation and other medical expenses that you incur. The policy has a wide scope of coverage and covers the specified medical costs that you have incurred up to specified limits.

  • Personal accident insurance – This policy covers accidental deaths and disablements. This is a fixed benefit policy which pays a lump sum benefit in claim.

  • Critical illness insurance – The policy covers specific illnesses and pays a lump sum benefit of the insured suffers from any covered illness.

  • Top up health insurance - This policy supplements an existing cover at affordable premium rates.

With the growing medical inflation, a robust health insurance plan for your family helps meet any medical exigencies. Apart from the coverage, health insurance plans also help in getting access to enhanced medical facilities without depleting your savings. Also know about the consequences of not having a health insurance plans.

Coverage under health insurance plans depend on the type of policy that you choose and the coverage that it provides. Health insurance plans at Kotak cover the following common healthcare expenses:

  • In-patient treatment costs

  • Day care treatments

  • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses

  • Ambulance cover

  • Free health check at any network provider

  • Organ donor treatments

  • Domiciliary treatments

  • AYUSH treatments

If you buy a health plan for your parents and pay the premium, the premium paid would qualify as a deduction under Section 80D. The limit of deduction is Rs.25,000 if your parents are below 60 years of age. For senior citizen parents, the limit increases to Rs.50,000.

You can enjoy umpteen benefits if you buy a health insurance plan at an early age. A few of the advantages are:

Lesser exclusions in a health insurance policy:

Health insurance companies impose exclusions on pre-existing illnesses or diseases that you have already suffered, which is likely to be less at a younger age. Thus, when you buy the plan young, you are likely to be healthy and enjoy a comprehensive scope of protection.

No health check-up:

Undergoing a health check-up might not be required if you are young.

Waiting out the waiting period

Health plans have different waiting periods for different illnesses. When you are young, you might be healthy. As such, you can wait out the waiting period so that when you might develop illnesses, the policy would allow coverage from Day 1.

Tax benefits

You can also enjoy tax benefits on the premium paid for the health plan and save taxes.

Know more about the tax benefits of health insurance

YWhat are the health insurance eligibility criteria?

Here are a few factors that affect the health insurance premium:

  • Age – Higher the age, the higher is the insurance premium

  • Pre-existing illness- People suffering from pre-existing illnesses like blood pressure and diabetes need to pay higher premiums

  • Smoker or Non-smoker- Individuals who smoke need to pay higher insurance premiums than Non-smokers

  • Sum assured – higher the sum assured, higher would be the premium payable

  • Policy tenure – if you choose long-term tenures and pay a lump sum premium, the premium would be higher. However, you might enjoy long-term discounts which would reduce the overall premium payable.

  • Add-ons selected – If you opt for optional add-ons and riders, the premium would be higher since each add-ons or optional cover requires an additional premium.

  • Available premium discounts – if there are premium discounts that you can claim, the premium would be lower.

If you are planning to do renewal of health insurance online, simply follow the below steps:

  • Visit https://www.kotakgeneral.com/renewal

  • Select the health insurance policy to initiate the online renewal process

  • Enter the necessary details, including the policy number, mobile number, and date of birth, and click on 'Submit.'

Here’s the process for making a health insurance claim -

Cashless claim

  • To avail this facility, you need to ensure that the treatment is being taken at the empanelled hospital listed in the insurance policy document

  • Approach the hospital 48 hours prior to hospitalization

  • Produce the pre-hospitalization form along with an identity proof and medical documents at the cashless deck in the hospital

  • In case of an emergency, you need to visit the cashless deck at the hospital within 24 hours of hospitalization

  • Submit the ID proof along with the medical documents

  • Once the cashless claim is approved, you will be required to pay the deductibles.

Reimbursement claim

  • In case the hospital is not listed in-network list, you can opt for a reimbursement facility:

  • Get in touch with us at 1800 266 4545 or care@kotak.com

  • Submit all the original hospital bills, and discharge documents along with the reimbursement claim.

  • Post verification, the claim will be settled within 15 days

Know about the various ways to make a health insurance claim

To select the right health insurance cover, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Compare multiple health insurance policies to find a policy which offers the coverage features that you need and is comprehensive

  • Check for the cashless network hospitals – the wider the better

  • Check for the exclusions of the health policy – the lesser the better

  • Look for the claim settlement ratio – the higher the better

  • Pre-existing illness cover – check how soon pre-existing illnesses are getting covered. The sooner, the better

  • Know about add-on covers so that you can choose the relevant ones

  • Choose a trusted brand for a hassle-free claim experience

For instance, if you are searching for a health insurance that covers life-threatening diseases, then you can opt for Kotak Shield Secure to protect you and your family.

While buying the policy, the cost of the premium is often the most important thing you may evaluate. While calculating health insurance premiums, a lot of factors are taken into consideration; these include:

  • Age of the insured policyholder

  • Type of health plan

  • Sum assured

  • Lifestyle choices

  • Add-on covers

  • Pre-existing diseases

  • Family medical history

  • Number of family members being covered

  • Geographical location etc.

Yes. You have the flexibility to add more people to the existing health insurance policy. However, the health insurance premium also increases with the inclusion of a new member.

Children of any age can be included in the health insurance policy right from the day they are born. For instance, if you have purchased Kotak Heath Care Policy, you can include your child (up to 25 years) in the existing policy.

The requirement of a medical examination depends on your age, sum insured and the policy that you choose. Some plans might require a medical check-up while others might not. However, if you are older and/or if you are opting for a high sum insured, the medical examination usually becomes necessary before the coverage is granted.

If you or any member of your family is admitted to a non-network hospital, you can request the insurance company for reimbursement of the hospital expenses. Health insurance policyholders at Kotak General Insurance can initiate the process in the following way:

  • Call on 1800 266 4545 or mail us at care@kotak.com

  • Collect the reimbursement form from the hospital

  • After the discharge, submit the claim form to the insurance company along with the original copy of hospital bills, discharge report & other payment receipts

  • Post verification, the insurance company may approve or disapprove the claim

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