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Kotak General Health Insurance Network Hospitals in Hyderabad

In a recent ‘Health Insurance Survey’, about 1,400 young people within the age group of 25-35 years, successfully busted some age-old myths concerning the youth and insurance . The survey proved that a good percentage of millennials are not only making an effort to educate themselves about the importance of insurance, but they also believe that it is essential to buy health insurance in India. However, almost half the number of people who participated in the survey revealed that the primary reason to buying health insurance was to claim tax deductions - and not to avail the other benefits it has to offer.

Although it is true that under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, you can claim tax-saving benefits, it should not be the only reason to purchase it. For example, suppose you live in Hyderabad, which is experiencing a rise in respiratory disorders, allergies, bronchitis, and pulmonary diseases due to heavy air pollution. In that case, consider buying health insurance in Hyderabad. A good insurance policy will considerably cover your medical expenses and help you with cashless services 24/7.

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Network Hospitals in Hyderabad

To help you with health care in Hyderabad, we at Kotak General Insurance, have network hospitals strewn across the city. Along with comprehensive cover on our policy, you’ll also be able to enjoy cashless services. This allows you to avail timely medical care without paying anything upfront at the time of admission.

Check out the full list of network hospitals below:

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Benefits of Kotak General Health Insurance in Hyderabad

Our health insurance plans, with affordable premiums and several value-added benefits, have made health care accessible to everyone. When you invest in our policy, here are some of the inherent benefits you will receive:

  • In-patient treatment
  • Free health check-up
  • Day care treatments
  • Ambulance coverage
  • Cashless settlement
  • Range of add-ons
  • Pre and post-hospitalisation bills

Many a time, a good health policy will pay for a significant portion of your medical bills. But it may not be adequate enough to cover more expensive treatments that are attached to a critical illness. In such cases, it would be safer to opt for Kotak General’s critical illness insurance in India. It is specifically designed to cover life-threatening illnesses like cancer, tumour, or paralysis.

When investing in health insurance, it is imperative to look beyond the tax saving benefits and learn all about the health benefits attached to it. A good health plan not only covers your medical expenses, but your family’s too. And it allows you to live life king size!

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