Health Insurance Premium Calculator

What is Health Insurance Calculator?

Are you planning to buy Kotak Health Insurance policy? Using this health insurance premium calculator tool, you can simplify your concerns about premium costs and find a health policy that fits your need budget. The Health Insurance Calculator is an online, free tool that estimates the premium payable for a health insurance plan. This will help you buy the best health insurance plan based on factors such as age, profession, gender, and family members, including medical history covered, among others. If you choose any add-on cover to enhance your existing health insurance, you can readily know the cost of the premium in an instant.

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Benefits of Health Insurance Calculator

Choosing the best health insurance policy in India can be very easy if you have the proper guidance right from the start. Using the online health insurance calculator is one of the mediums to make the entire policy buying process hassle-free, especially when it comes to assessing the premium cost. So, below are some of the benefits of a health insurance calculator:

  • The tool helps you select the right health insurance policy that meets your requirements and fits your budget
  • The easy-to-use health insurance premium calculator provides accurate results in a few minutes, thus saving time and energy
  • The health insurance premium calculator tool helps you determine the exact premium cost you would incur for a health plan so that you can plan your finances in a better way.
  • In case you select any add-on health, the online tool helps you assess the additional premium cost
  • It is a great tool to be aware of the health insurance premium liabilities, which are often complex to understand.

How to use Health Insurance Calculator?

Using the health insurance calculator is time-saving, easy and convenient. Simply follow the below steps to know if a policy suits your budget:

Step 1: Select from the various Kotak Health Insurance plans

Step 2: Enter the birth date details of the member /s you wish to insure

Step 3: Select the sum insured amount that you think will provide adequate health cover based on your financial requirements.

Step 4: Enter your basic details such as mobile number, email id, etc.

Step 5: Specify any existing medical condition in order to calculate the premium amount

Step 6: Get a quote


Parameters that influence health insurance premium

The insurance premium for any health-related issues depends on several factors. The most significant ones include the following:

  • Pre-existing medical condition
  • You will be required to provide complete health records when applying for a health insurance policy. If you have any pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, the premium will be higher.

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • The BMI will determine the premium for an applicant. Individuals with a high BMI will have a higher premium rate because a higher BMI may lead to a number of medical conditions and illnesses.

  • Family medical history
  • If the family members of the applicant have any critical medical conditions, the premium for health insurance will be high for the policyholder, since it puts them at a higher risk.

  • Age
  • This is an important deciding factor as elder people are more susceptible to illnesses.

    Health insurance policy calculator

    It is advisable to gain information about the premium payable on health insurance before zeroing in on it. A medical insurance premium calculator will come in handy for this purpose.

    We offer two health insurance policies—Critical Illness Cover with Kotak Secure Shield and Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan . We also have a policy calculator that will provide a quote based on the applicant’s personal details.

    This health insurance premium calculator will require you to provide information about the individual you seek to purchase a cover for. It should include the age of the applicant and the amount you wish to insure. If you are purchasing the policy for a number of members of your family, you will have to furnish information about all of them. Also, specify any existing medical condition in order to calculate the premium amount.


    Comprehensive Health Plan Calculator


    Critical Illness Cover Calculator


    Family health insurance premium calculator

    A family health insurance premium calculator is used for selecting a comprehensive health insurance plan. It is suitable for separate policies for multiple family members, as well as, an entire family together under one policy. Details about the age of every member should be provided in addition to the insurance amount. Based on the given information, you will be able to calculate the amount of premium payable for the policy.

    Calculate Family Insurance Premium Calculator


Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance Calculator

Of course, you may have more questions related to car insurance calculator only, so scroll down and find your question answered!

What is Health Insurance Calculator Online?

A health insurance calculator is a free online tool that provides an estimate of the premium payable for health insurance policy basis the information provided by you.

How does Health Insurance Calculator work?

A health Insurance premium calculator assesses premium payable for the health insurance policy based on combination of factors such as - sun insured, person's age, gender, lifestyle and health, type of policy - individual or floater, etc.

How to use a Health Insurance Premium Calculator?

To use health insurance premium calculator, click here.
I. Enter your preferred health insurance plan – family floater plan, Individual health insurance policy, or family individual insurance policy.
• In case of family plans, you need to select the family members for whom you want the health insurance coverage and enter the age of each family member • In case of an individual plan, you only need to enter your age

II. The calculator will show you your assured amount
III. The next step is to enter details such as your phone number, email address, and the state to know the health insurance premium.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Health Insurance Calculator?

The benefits of using a health insurance calculator are:
• It is easy to use and convenient
• Calculates your premium amount instantly
• Helps you know the premium before purchasing the policy
• Allows you to compare the different health insurance plans

What Are the Factors That Influence Health Insurance Premiums?

A few of the factors affecting health insurance premiums are:
• Age
• Medical History
• Lifestyle
• Smoker and Non-smoker
• Pre-existing health conditions
• Geographical location

How to Reduce the Premium of Your Health Insurance Policy?

To reduce the premium for a health insurance policy, consider the below factors:
• Buy a health insurance policy at an early age
• Choose sum assured that meets your requirement
• Opt for higher deductibles
• Choose top-ups plans

Does health insurance premium increase with age?

Yes, health insurance premium increases with your age, and it is a significant factor in affecting the health insurance premium. This is because the chances of health risks increase with age. Also, the medical expenses rise with healthcare, treatments, and surgeries. Ageing also brings with it a higher chance of getting critical illness such as cancer, heart problems, organ failures, etc