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Getting a Driving License in Gujarat

With heavy industrialization in Gujarat, there has been an increase in the issuance of driving licenses (DL) in the state. A driving license can be issued after registration with the RTO giving legal permission to drive a vehicle. It can be issued for any type of vehicle - heavy vehicles, two-wheelers, and four-wheelers.

In this blog, you will find every relevant detail regarding driving license issuance in Gujarat.

Who is eligible for a driving license?

A driving license can be issued at different ages for different vehicles, which have been discussed below.

• People aged 16 years old are eligible to apply for a license for a two-wheeler without gears.

• For two-wheelers with gear, four-wheelers, tractors, or non-transport vehicles, people need to be at least 18 years old.

• To be eligible for driving heavy transport vehicles, an individual must be at least 20 years old and has passed the 8th standard.

What are the documents required for the application?

On the official RTO website, you can find the list of necessary documents required to apply for an online driving license which you can find in English and Gujarati.

The documents required for online driving license application are-

• Application form available on the RTO website

• Age and address proof

• Proof of citizenship

• Four passport-size photographs

• Medical certificate

Renewal of license in Gujarat

Usually, a permanent DL (Driving License) comes with a validity of 20 years or until you become 50 years old. Moreover, a learner's license is valid for only six months. After your license validity expires, you will get a grace period of 30 days, within which you have to get it renewed. You have to visit your nearest RTO office to renew your license.

• If you are above 50 years of age, you need to present a medical certificate.

• You need a "No Objection Certificate (NOC)" from the previous state RTO if you have moved from another state.

• Rs.50 in addition to Rs.200 as a smart card fee should be paid.

• For any delay post the grace period, Rs.50 has to be paid as a fine.

Charges for Issuing License in Gujarat

Purpose Fees (in INR)
Learner's license Rs. 150
Test/Repeat test fee of learner's license Rs. 50
For competence to drive (test/ repeat test) Rs. 300
Issuing License Rs. 200
International Driving Permit Rs. 1000
Adding another class of license Rs. 500
Endorsement or Renewal of authorization for vehicles carrying hazardous goods Rs. 100
Renewal of Driving License (DL) Rs. 200
Renewal after Grace Period Rs. 300
Issue or Renewal of License to a School or Establishment for Driving Lessons Rs. 10,000
Issue of duplicate License to a School or Establishment for Driving Lessons Rs. 5,000
An appeal against the orders of Licensing Authority (Ref. to Rule 29) Rs. 500
Any application for changes in the address or any other particulars recorded in the existing DL (Driving License) Rs. 200


Carrying your driving license when you go outside to drive is absolutely necessary, as mandated by traffic guidelines of the Indian government. You need to follow all the traffic laws, one of which is to have a valid car insurance for your vehicle

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