Your guide to a driving license in Maharashtra


24 Nov 2022

Get your driver's license in Maharashtra by knowing the eligibility criteria, license types & application process. Learn more & stay protected with Kotak Insurance.

A driving license is a government-issued identity proof that permits you to ride or drive a vehicle. It is issued by following some guidelines laid down by the respective state governments. Let's learn how to get a driving license in Maharashtra.

Eligibility for application

You need to fulfill certain requirements before you can become eligible to apply for an offline or online driving license in Maharashtra. These criteria have been laid down by the Motor Vehicle Act-

• Applicants should be above 16 years of age while applying for a Driving License (DL) for a two-wheeler and above 18 years of age to apply for other non-transport vehicles.

• Applicants must be above 20 years of age for a transport vehicle driving license.

• Applicants must have a learner's DL before applying for a permanent driving license. The permanent Driving License has to be applied after 30 days and within 180 days of the learner's license being issued.

Types of driving licenses in Maharashtra

Driving licenses are issued for transport vehicles and non-transport vehicles alike.

Transport Vehicles-

The categories that come under the classification of transport vehicles are-

• Light motor vehicle (passenger vehicle)

• Medium goods vehicle

• Medium passenger vehicle

• Heavy goods vehicle

• Heavy passenger motor vehicle

• Road roller

Non-transport Vehicles-

Under the non-transport vehicles, the following categories/types are grouped-

• Geared motorcycle

• Light motor vehicle

• A motor vehicle of a type not mentioned in any of the above categories

How to apply for Driver's License (DL) in Maharashtra

The Regional Transport Authority (RTO) undertakes the responsibility for issuing driving licenses. Individuals can choose to apply for an online driving license or find the nearest RTO office to submit their DL application.

Online application of Driving License-

The entire application process for a driving license can be completed online. You can schedule a driving test according to your convenience. The details of the online driving license application in Maharashtra are given below.

• Visit, the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.

• Select the option for "Driving License" on the homepage, and you will find the application form.

• Once the details have been filled, upload the required documents and submit the form. Visit the RTO, and they will take some tests and issue the Learner's Driving License.

• Book the driving test after 30 days and before 180 days of issuance of learning DL.

• You will need to carry the original documents when you visit the RTO for verification during your driving test.

• You will receive an acknowledgment and an application number once the application has been processed. Here's the list of documents to be submitted for the driver's license application.

• Application form (Form 4)

• Learner's license (original)

• Three copies of passport-size photographs

• Proof of age

• Proof of address For issuing transport vehicle licenses-

• Driving school certificate

• All documents pertaining to the car being used for the driving test There is an application fee ofRs.200 for a computerized chip license, along withRs.50 for the driving test.


Whether you drive a personal vehicle or have a transport vehicle, having a driving license is a must. Moreover, follow all the traffic rules to stay safe and get car insurance for your vehicle without fail from a reliable insurance provider.

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