Wide Variety of Number Plate Options in India


21 Jul 2023

Read about Types of Number Plates & Why they are number plates needed. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

In India, number plates are perhaps one of the most crucial legal accessories for any vehicle and serve as the primary component of vehicle registration. The RTO is an important department in every state that manages all services, even number plate registration, related to cars. Each vehicle in India is issued a unique license or registration number by the RTO offices in each state, and they should always be clearly visible as per the Traffic Rules in India.

They are available in a range of colors and combinations. But have you ever thought about the significance of these colors? Let's explore.

Types of Number Plates

There are presently eight distinct types of number plates in India, which we have enlisted below, along with what they signify.

• White Color Number Plate - These are regular license plates that are solely available for individual usage.

• Yellow Color Number Plate - Yellow license plates include black text arrangements and can only be used for commercial purposes. Additionally, a commercial driver's license is required for the driver to use the vehicle.

• Green Color Number Plate - These are utilized in electric-powered vehicles such as buses and cars.

• Red Color Number Plate - They are temporary license plates for newly bought vehicles. When the owner's one-month validity period expires, they must get a permanent license plate.

• Blue Color Number Plate - These number plates are only granted to foreign dignitaries for their automobiles. They must display symbols on their license plates like CC (Consular Corps) and UN (United Nations). The nation's code of the diplomat must be visible on the license plate as per the traffic rules.

• Black Color Number Plate - These car license plates are for "A" class, premium resort transportation.

• Upward Arrow Number Plate - These are provided for use with military vehicles.

• Red-colored Number Plate with Indian Emblem - These used to be given to presidents and governors, among other elected leaders. Currently, they are not in use.

Why are number plates needed?

Before driving a new car, a driver must apply for a registration number. Driving an unregistered car is against the nation's motor traffic rules. If you are found or caught driving an unregistered vehicle, you might face serious punishment or/and fines. When you are driving, you must also have documentation of your insurance and registration. You cannot obtain the legally needed third-party vehicle insurance policies or file claims for any auto insurance without a valid registration certificate.


Choosing a number plate for your automobile should be considered important, as it is your legal duty rather than just another thing to check off your list.

If you own a new car, you should also think about getting car insurance to safeguard your finances in case something unfortunate happens on the road.

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