Why do you need a High-Security Number Plate (HSRP)?


06 Jun 2023

The Importance of High-Security Number Plates (HSRP)

When everyone follows traffic rules sincerely, it makes for a smooth running of the traffic system as well as ensures the safety and protection of everyone in general. A High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is one such mandatory rule imposed by the Indian government that should be followed by everyone.

If you are not familiar with what HSRP is, why it is compulsory to have it, and what its benefits are, read along to find out all about HSRP.

What is a High-Security Number Plate?

HSRPs are number plates for four and two-wheeler vehicles. These are different from standard number plates. HSRPs are made of aluminum and carry two non-replaceable and non-reusable snap-on locks making theft and swapping of number plates difficult. The number plate also has a hot-stamped chromium-based blue-colored Ashoka Chakra hologram on the top left corner.

On the bottom left corner of the number plate, there is a laser engraved 10-digit permanent identification number (PIN). The numerals and alphabets on the HSRP also have a hot-stamped film with the word 'INDIA' inscribed at a 45 ° angle. In addition to this, HSRP is also linked electronically to the vehicle in a centralized database, making it convenient for authorities to track down the vehicle in case of theft. It comes with color-coded fuel stickers.

Traffic Rules Mandate Getting a High-Security Number Plate

The government of India, in a recent upgrade in traffic rules, made it compulsory for all vehicles to carry a high-security number plate. HSRP is beneficial for both the citizens as well as the authorities. Although HSRP is mandatory to be installed in all vehicles sold before 2019, the law was not strictly enforced in many states. But in places like Delhi, the traffic police have now started penalizing people for up to Rs 5,500 if their vehicles do not carry an HSRP.

All new vehicles sold after April 2019 come with an HSRP. However, those who own vehicles sold before April 2019 must get an HSRP installed at the earliest.

How is an HSRP Beneficial to you?

High-security Number Plates have several benefits, including staying safe from theft, counterfeiting, and stolen number plates. They have a distinct uniform look, making it easier for traffic police to identify.

How to get an HSRP, and what is its Cost?

Delhi and UP citizens can apply for an HSRP online through www.bookmyhsrp.com. For others, HSRP can be purchased through RTOs or authorized auto dealers. HSRPs can cost around INR 400-600 for two-wheeler vehicles and INR 1100 for four-wheelers.


Like the other traffic rules that ensure safety while driving, HSRP is also a Mandatory traffic rule that benefits citizens and authorities. It can protect your vehicle from theft and counterfeited number plates.. Also, HSRP can be easily purchased at affordable rates through online or offline modes. So hurry to get an HSRP if you want to protect your vehicle and also avoid any hefty fines.

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