Why buying general insurance online is preferred by customers


21 Jul 2023

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With the pandemic and government policies, digital activity has increased in all fields. Digital penetration in India is very high, and most things can be done online, from groceries to shopping, from payment to travel booking, and from booking a cab to investments. Digitalisation has penetrated pre-and post-sales services, and the added convenience is a significant advantage. Indians today prefer to use digital platforms for everything, and insurance is no exception. Be it life or general insurance, online is a preferred choice.

All retail insurance products, like motor, home, travel, personal, health, accident, etc., can easily be bought online with instant policy issues. However, before deciding on the insurance policy, extensive research is done by the insured. The question here is why this shift in customer behaviour and why they prefer to buy general insurance online.

Top 6 reasons why customers prefer buying insurance plans online:

1. Reason #1: The convenience of buying.

This is undoubtedly the most crucial factor in why customers are shifting to the online medium to buy insurance. The company website is available 24 X 7, and you can access it from anywhere. Everything can be done online, from complete information and comparisons to buying the policy.

2. Reason #2: Simple documentation.

The entire process of filling out forms and buying general insurance online is simple in the online medium. Getting all the information and documents, filing the forms, etc., is very simple. Most platforms are very user-friendly, and all history and transactional details are available online, making it easier to fill in the data.

3. Reason #3: Ease of comparison.

There are many insurance companies with many plans to offer. All information is available online, which makes it easy for the insured to compare policies and plans and the insurance company. The claim settlement system should be checked, as well as the inclusions and exclusions of the policy.

4. Reason #4: Instant issuance of your policy.

With online platforms, the policy is issued immediately when the policy is bought online by paying on the website. There is no time lag like in the olden days when the policy would take some time to be issued. If you are late to renew the policy, the long wait and lengthy process is history now.

5. Reason #5: Discounts for online purchases.

When the policy is bought online, there are no operational costs for the insurance company. There is no paperwork as the transaction is paperless. The amount saved can be passed on to customers. Most insurance companies offer discounts when policies are renewed online.

6. Reason #6: Customer support.

Though the transaction is done online and no paperwork is involved, the insured still has many ways to get in touch with the insurance company if needed. A live chat to 24 X 7 customer support is always there. Calculators are available online, which makes the calculation easier for the insured.


With the availability of online options and their advantages, more and more people are shifting to buy and renew their policies online, especially general insurance plans.

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