Why bike insurance is required for off-road bike riding


01 Jun 2022

Know why off-road bike insurance is required, what it covers, and what add-ons are covered. Check out the two-wheeler insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance now.

Many motorbike enthusiasts in India like to do off-road driving. The idea of taking their adventure or sports bike off-road gives them an adrenaline rush. If you want to go off-road with your adventure bike, it is paramount that you get a robust off-road bike insurance for your adventure bike.

What is off-road riding?

The adventure bikes are specially designed for various sports activities. As the name suggests, taking your bike off-raid essentially means riding on difficult terrains. Some of the popular off-road activities you can take part with your adventure bike is dune bashing, dirt bike racing, etc.

What does bike insurance cover?

Since the adventure or off-road bikes are generally used on rough and challenging terrains, they are more vulnerable to damages and crashes. Sometimes, it may also involve accidents and damages to third-party riders.

Irrespective of what happens, if you have an adventure bike, you must secure your asset with a robust bike insurance policy .This is a mandatory requirement as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Under the law, all two-wheeler owners, irrespective of the type of bike you own, must have at least a third-party liability insurance coverage.

However, many experts recommend buying a comprehensive policy. In terms of the coverage offered, it varies based on the type of plan you have purchased. The coverage for dirt bikes is like the regular two-wheeler insurance plan. If you have a comprehensive plan, it will cover:

• Third-party liability

While riding your dirt bike, if you get involved in an accident that causes damage, injury, or death to the third-party, the insurance company will cover the legal cost if the other part files a case against you. Also, it will cover the losses they suffer as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

• Collision cover

Sometimes, you may accidentally get involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. In such a situation, the insurance company will cover the losses you may incur due to repair or replacement of the damaged parts.

• Theft

Bike theft is quite common in India. If you live in an area where the threat of theft is high, you must purchase bike insurance with a high sum assured. If your bike gets stolen and is untraceable, the insurance company will pay the IDV (Insured Declared Value), i.e., the approximate market value of the bike after reducing the depreciation.

• Natural calamities

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, etc. can cause immense loss of property and life. Since adventure bikes are high-value assets, you may have to incur heavy expenses to repair the damages. However, if you have off-road bike insurance coverage, you can be assured that the insurer will cover the repair cost and you can keep your savings intact.

Add-on covers you can buy for your adventure bike

Since off-road driving is still at a nascent stage in India, there are not many insurance plans that are specially tailored for adventure bikes. However, you can get additional financial security against the damages to your adventure bike by buying riders or add-ons.

As the name suggests, the add-ons or riders are additional coverage options that you can purchase voluntarily by paying an additional premium. It helps you get coverage against specific risks that are not covered under the standard policy.

Some of the important add-ons you can buy are:

• Zero-depreciation cover

Over the years, the value of bikes depreciate due to the regular wear and tear. In a normal situation, when you file a claim for repairing or replacing a certain part of the adventure bike, the insurer will compensate only after reducing the depreciation of the part. You must pay the balance amount from your pocket.

However, if you have a zero-depreciation add-on cover, you will get full coverage for repair and replacement cost, resulting in a higher claim settlement amount.

• Roadside assistance cover

If your bike breaks down in the middle of the road due to a flat tyre or any other reason, the roadside assistance cover helps you get immediate assistance. Some of the common services including the add-on are tyre replacement/repair, emergency fuel delivery, minor repairs, etc. This will help you avoid the hassles of pushing or towing the vehicle to the nearest garage.

• Engine protection cover

A standard bike insurance policy has certain exclusions; it may not cover the damage to the bike’s engine. However, if you have engine protection cover, you can get the engine fixed without worrying about the repair cost.

Final Word

A bike insurance for any two wheeler including adventure bike is an excellent way to get financial protection against the damages. If you are looking for the best policy, you can consider buying an insurance from Kotak General Insurance. Our Kotak Long Term Wheeler Secure is a comprehensive policy that comes with a range of exclusive benefits and add-ons options.

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