What you need to know about drunk driving laws and fines in bangalore


07 Aug 2023

Traffic Fines for drunk driving in Bangalore

Bangalore is the center of India’s high-tech industry and has a massive population of around 13 million. People from all over India come to Bangalore since it is the Silicon Valley of India. The population keeps increasing, leading to a rapid increase in the number of vehicles in the city. According to reports, there are 80.45 lakhs vehicles in Bangalore. This has increased the concern about traffic rules violations & pollution.

Bangalore is also known for its restaurants and nightlife. With pubs and bars being highly active on weekends, cases of drunk driving are more frequent. Many cases of drunk driving have been reported in different parts of Bangalore. Alcohol affects drivers in several aspects, which makes them incapable of driving safely.

When can a motorist be charged with drunk driving?

A motorist caught driving under the influence of alcohol beyond the permissible limit is liable to be charged for drunk driving. The legally permissible limit is 30 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

Penalty for drunk driving in Bangalore

If traffic policemen catch you driving under the influence of alcohol for the first time, you will be charged a fine ofRs.10,000 and/or imprisonment of duration up to 6 months. These traffic fines or penalties are applicable to two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and all commercial vehicles.

Penalty when caught drunk driving for the second time

If you are caught violating this traffic rule for the second time, you will be charged a fine ofRs.15,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 2 years. The Bangalore Traffic Police uses various measures, like imposing traffic fines, to maintain discipline on the road. However, if a person continues to drive drunk and gets involved in a fatal accident, he/she will be booked for culpable homicide. This is a non-bailable offense.

What are the recent measures taken by the Bangalore traffic police to put a check on drunk driving?

Earlier, the suspected drivers used to be escorted to hospitals for blood tests to check the presence of alcohol. Cases were reported after the hospitals released the results of blood tests, and the alcohol content was found to be above the permissible limits. The traffic police in Bangalore are now checking the motorists with alcohol meters or breathalyzers. Both active and passive consumption is checked, and the people found guilty are imposed with traffic fines instantly.


Alcohol impairs the judgment, attitude, perception, vigilance, reaction, and coordination of drivers. It can lead to fatal accidents and can cost you or someone else’s life. The government has imposed heavy traffic fines to put a check on such ignorant acts.

Though the Karnataka government has declared a reduction in fines for some offenses, the fines for drunk driving remain the same. Driving safely is the single most important thing you can do to protect your life. It is also important to get car insurance , bike insurance for your vehicle and health insurance for you, ensuring financial protection in case of unforeseen accidents.

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