What to do if you lose your bike insurance policy document


21 Jul 2023

Read about What to do if you lose your bike insurance policy document?. For more information, check out the bike insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

To legally drive a bike on the road, it is essential that you keep the mandatory bike insurance policy documents with you. However, due to various reasons, you may lose these papers. Try to check all the possible places where you may have misplaced or lost the documents. If you can still not find the papers, do not panic. There are ways through which you can get these policy documents back and ride your bike safely again. The Motor Vehicles Bill of 2016 imposes a penalty of INR 20001 if anyone is found driving a motor vehicle like a bike, without mandatory insurance documents. Let's check how you can revive these documents:

Process to get duplicate bike insurance documents

At Kotak, you can apply for a duplicate bike insurance policy via both online and offline modes. The process involved is mentioned below:

● Offline method

These are the steps for applying offline duplicate insurance paper requests:

● Inform your insurer about the loss of the insurance documents. You can contact them via email or call customer care as per your preference

● The next essential step is to lodge an FIR. Visit the nearest police station and get an FIR registered and keep a copy of the FIR safely with you

● Place an ad for your lost policy documents with the necessary details in a local newspaper

● Now, write an application letter to the insurance company mentioning how you lost the policy documents and that you want to retrieve them. Mention all the details of the policy like the policy number, name of the policyholder, etc.

● You need to sign an indemnity bond with the company where you agree to pay for the losses that are incurred by the insurer in case your lost policy documents are misused

● Now, submit all the documents including FIR, form, and application.

After you have submitted the application form and FIR copy, the company will check the application and begin the process of issuing a copy of the insurance policy documents.

● Online method

The steps for the online method are:

● Visit the insurance website and click on ‘download policy copy’

● Submit the documents required and provide your policy details

● The company will verify your request

● Once the application is approved, you will receive a copy of the policy documents.


Losing bike insurance policy documents is possible for anyone. Hence, to avoid unnecessary back and forth, you may carry these papers carefully and store them in a safe place. Thanks to the easy and simple online procedures, you can keep a soft copy of your insurance policy stored on your smartphone. However, even if you lose it and cannot find it, Kotak General Insurance is here to help you out in driving legally on the roads again. Do not forget to immediately file an FIR and inform Kotak about the same.

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