What is the importance of car insurance riders?


02 Jun 2023

Enhancing your car insurance coverage with riders for added protection and peace of mind.

There are several customized car insurance policies that insurance companies have to offer to their customers. These protections may include coverage for losses or damages brought on by other parties, natural disasters, or individual incidents. Yet, there are instances when car insurance coverage may not offer protection that is needed for the individual policyholders' needs. As a result, there exist car insurance riders that can be taken additionally with the car insurance for better coverage.

You can add a variety of comprehensive riders to your basic or current car insurance policy. These riders, which may be selected by the client, cover a variety of different circumstances and can avoid the need to make payments towards expenditures incurred by your car.

What are car insurance riders?

The idea of expanding an insurance policy's coverage is at the core of the concept of riders. A car insurance policy's riders or add-ons provide protection from vehicle damage, death, and third-party property damage. They also provide a bonus if no claims are made throughout the policy's term. You must pay the cost of the rider, which is a set amount, in order to include these riders in your car insurance policy.

Below are the optional riders on insurance policies that car owners can choose:

  • Zero depreciation

As we know, vehicles age with time which depreciates their worth. This depreciation in the value of your car can lead to decreasing insurance coverage. Hence, policyholders can take the zero depreciation cover to avoid this situation and get higher car insurance coverage.

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) retention

If you drive safely and do not make an insurance claim throughout the term, the insurance company will give you a No Claim Bonus, which will allow you to save money on your insurance policy when it comes up for renewal. In the event of an accident during your tenure, the NCB retention riders allow you to submit an insurance claim while maintaining your NCB.

  • Engine cover

Your car's engine is not covered by the standard car insurance policies' range of benefits. You are responsible for covering the cost of any repairs if the engine suffers damage. Nevertheless, you may choose the engine protection rider, which will protect the engine of your car.

  • Medical expense cover

There is a high probability that the people in the car will get hurt if they get into an accident. The passengers are guaranteed the necessary care at the best facility feasible, and the cost of the care and medication is also covered by this rider.

  • Ambulance & medical expenses

The ambulance and medical costs rider will help in covering any costs associated with medical expenditures and ambulance costs in the event that a vehicle insurance holder is involved in an accident and needs rapid medical assistance.

The riders provide you with a lot of extra coverage, and you just have to pay a little premium for it. Over time, this turns out to be quite beneficial. The riders allow you to customize the plan to meet your unique demands and provide your car with the best possible protection.


Insuring your car with a particular rider may result in a higher premium, but from a broader perspective, these riders can financially help you. Hence, when you next get car insurance, make sure to choose the relevant car insurance riders and have them added to your comprehensive car insurance policy.

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