What is comprehensive car insurance in India and add ons in comprehensive car insurance


24 Jul 2023

Know about comprehensive car insurance in India & add-ons in comprehensive car insurance. Check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

What to look for in a car insurance policy? It is mandatory in India to have auto insurance. You must note your regular requirements and specific needs. Many add-ons can be added to your policy.

This article will go over the details of a comprehensive car insurance policy and the add-ons you can add to boost your coverage.

What exactly is a comprehensive car insurance policy?

A comprehensive car insurance is a form of a motor insurance plan intended for private automobile owners who want total coverage for their insured car against all types of risks, including accidents, burglary, third-party liabilities, natural disasters, and so on.

Your car's comprehensive insurance policy includes both personal damages and third-party liabilities. As a result, it also provides coverage for third-party death, disability, and property damage. However, that isn't everything. In the event of whole or partial damage or loss, your insurance provider will compensate you for the cost of restoring or replacing your vehicle. This auto insurance plan also provides personal accident coverage to the automobile's owner-driver if they are wounded or killed in a car collision.

What are add-on coverages?

Add-on coverages are small packages of extra cover that provide additional protection to the base insurance plan by increasing the premium amount a tad bit. However, these covers are available only to comprehensive policies.

Popular add-on covers

Here are some popular add-on covers:

1) Zero-depreciation add-on:

A car starts to lose value due to depreciation as soon as it comes out from the showroom. A zero-depreciation add-on coverage relieves you of the stress of carrying the depreciation expenses of your car, boosting the value of your motor insurance claim.

2) Consumables add-on:

Consumable elements like lubricants, grease, engine oil, nut, bolt, screw and washers are not covered by any car insurance policy. This add-on plan covers the expenses of such consumables so you can get a more excellent value out of your auto insurance claim.

3) Roadside assistance add-on:

The last thing anyone wants while going on a long drive is a car breakdown in the middle of the road. A roadside assistance add-on coverage provides necessary services like car towing, on-site repair and fuel delivery in case of an unfortunate event.

4) Return to invoice cover:

This add-on coverage allows you to claim compensation equal to the invoice value of the car, i.e. the price at which the vehicle was initially bought, in case the car is stolen or damaged beyond repairs.

5) Engine protection:

This add-on comes in handy when your car's engine is damaged due to water logging, which is not covered in a regular comprehensive car insurance plan.

The bottom line

There are many things to consider when buying and understanding an insurance policy. Add-ons like theft cover and roadside assistance may be beneficial, but they will cost you more. Some companies offer group discounts and can tailor a policy. Therefore, when choosing a car insurance policy in India, you should look for appropriate add-ons.

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