What are the documents to buy two-wheeler insurance


20 Apr 2023

Essential Documents for Purchasing Two-Wheeler Insurance in India

As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, third-party bike insurance for a new two-wheeler is mandatory in India. Bike insurance is a great investment that covers you financially for any accidental injuries caused while driving a two-wheeler on Indian roads. Two-wheeler insurance protects against third-party liability from injuries to one or more individuals. 

Two-wheeler insurance is an ideal solution to meet financial costs and losses that may arise due to accidental damage and also keep you legally safe. The bike insurance cover protects all types of two-wheelers like a motorcycle, mopeds, scooty, and scooters.

What are the benefits of two-wheeler insurance?

Anything can happen while riding a two-wheeler. The lack of good roads, the morning & evening rush hours and unregulated traffic jams are a part of life today. These situations may cause damage to the two-Wheeler vehicle and even injure the riders. To stay protected from such incidents, having valid bike insurance is essential. You can buy 2-wheeler insurance online to ensure a smooth purchase. 

Financial protection

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance provides financial cover, which helps save a lot of money in case of theft, accident, natural calamity, or third-party liabilities. Nowadays, even a small damage can cost a fortune. The bike insurance helps you get the damage repaired without even creating a hole in your pocket. 

Accidental injuries

No matter if you have a new two-wheeler, accidents might happen. A good bike insurance policy covers damages sustained by your motorcycle in an accident. With the comprehensive one having suitable add-ons, the bike insurance can also cover any accidental injuries you may have suffered.

Cost of spare parts

The rising need for a motorcycle in India has led to a rise in their cost and the increased cost of their spare parts. Many two-wheeler insurance policies cover the cost of spare parts, including nuts & bolts, gears, or brake pads, that have become costlier than before.

What are the documents required to buy a bike insurance plan?

A list of specific and mandatory documents is required to buy a new two-wheeler. Also, you need to register your bike at the RTO (Regional Transportation office) and get 2-wheeler insurance online or offline. Your automobile dealer also asks for these documents to maintain their database and for various other purposes. So, the documents are as follows-

  • Attested copy of the ID proof of the buyer-driving license, PAN card, Aadhaar card

  • Attested copy of proof of residence-passport, Voter ID, Aadhaar card

  • Passport-size photos

  • If the bike is bought on loan, proof of income certificate will have to be provided

If the documents mentioned above are not available, the attested copy of the following documents can be submitted:

  • Electricity bill

  • Phone bill (Landline)

  • Ration Card

  • House Tax receipt from the corporation

If anyone wants to buy a new two-wheeler away from their residence, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Copy of registered rent agreement

  • Copy of the electricity of new address

  • Bonafide certificate from the college or a letter from the employer

  • Original affidavit


No matter if you have a new or old bike, insurance is mandatory as per the law. This is because it helps you protect against any third-party liabilities and own bike damage. With the help of the information mentioned above, you should purchase good comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and drive stress-free.

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