What are the benefits of a timely two wheeler insurance renewal


31 Jul 2023

Are you a responsible bike owner? Then get your bike insurance renewed before the due date. Here are the core benefits of timely renewing your two-wheeler insurance.

Bike insurance in India comes with an expiration, which also applies to comprehensive and third-party bike insurance. As a responsible bike owner, it is your duty to ensure your bike insurance renewal is done before the due date.

Below are some of the benefits of two-wheeler insurance renewal before the expiry date:

1. Keeps you insured

Failure to insure your two-wheeler before the due date can leave you vulnerable to sudden accidents or any mishap. A complete two-wheeler insurance policy offers coverage against theft or damage due to natural calamities. Hence, if your two wheeler insurance renewal is done before the expiry date, your insurance will be in continuity, and you won't have to rush when the deadline hits.

2. Keeps your NCB (No Claim Bonus) active

NCB (No Claim Bonus) is a discount provided to the insured for driving safely, keeping them out of road mishaps. This means the insured won't claim for the insurance during the policy tenure if there's no accident. This claim accumulates every claim-free year and rises from 20% to 50%. Also, it must be noted that the No Claim Bonus will cease to exist if you claim or do not renew your insurance 90 days before the deadline.

3. Makes you a responsible citizen

Having bike insurance will make you a responsible citizen, as this insurance saves you from facing legal charges while driving. It is the policy that if you ride without an insurance policy, you might be held prisoner and penalized. To avoid the situation, you can renew your two-wheeler insurance online.

4. Allows you to modify your coverage

The best time to renew your insurance is 90 days before the expiration date. This would allow you to select add-ons such as Pillion Ride Cover, Roadside Assistance, etc. Your premium will increase slightly due to add-on covers, but your coverage will be extended. In addition, the renewal period allows you to switch your insurer depending on the budget and requirements.

What is the procedure for renewing two-wheeler insurance?

As we all are aware, the policy that insurance expires every year. So, it would be best if you renewed your policy. There are so many ways to renew two-wheeler insurance. The easiest way is to get your two-wheeler insurance online. Apart from this, you can visit your insurance provider's office with all the necessary documents or download their application.


Now that you know the benefit of two-wheeler insurance renewal, it is advisable to renew your insurance on time.


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