Ways to negotiate a car insurance claim settlement


24 Jul 2023

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The need to claim car insurance occurs at moments when the benefits of taking help of the policy are more than the deductibles and no-claim bonus. Therefore, the necessity arises to keep some potential issues in mind for the car insurance claim settlement process. 

Why do you even need to negotiate on a Car Insurance Claim?

While you might be hopeful when starting with the process of your car insurance claim, where you need to write to the car insurance company explaining the situation, the entire process might take up months, causing frustration and exhaustion. The claim adjuster of the company you will be assigned is a skilled individual in negotiation whose interest will be to settle claims in the fastest possible manner with the company's interest in mind.

Therefore, read through all the terms and conditions to be well aware of all the policy covers. It is also necessary for regular customers to develop certain negotiation tricks to maximise their own profits in this situation.

Ways to negotiate on a car insurance claim:

1) After calculating all the spending that you have suffered, decide a minimum and maximum payment that will be able to pay for your loss. Then start claiming the total amount you are aiming for.
2) Do not end your settlement claim with the first writing. Send the car insurance company a detailed letter about the losses and regularly check with the claim adjuster.
3) Even if the initial offer of your car insurance claim is acceptable, do not limit down to it but demand a bit higher offer. Keep your demand high even if the claim adjuster is ready to negotiate. However, if it is not reasonable, ask for justification with evidence for your claim.
4) Remember to mention your emotional losses. Properly mention all the damages and the many medical repercussions to convince the adjuster of your car insurance claim. This will make the ground stronger for your claims.
5) Do not hesitate to consult a lawyer to argue for your cause if needed. Since the claim adjuster will be skilled in negotiation, you might need an experienced attorney specialising in the car insurance arena.
5) Remember to make the final settlement claim in writing and keep a hard copy of this writing. The settlement must be signed by both parties and need to be followed by a liabilities letter.

Documents that you must keep handy:

Before requesting a car insurance claim, one must attach certain documents with the claim.

1) Photographs and other representations collected from the accident site,
2) Documents of property damage costing,
3) Documents of medical expenses,
4) Notes from medical consultation with a detailed idea about the injuries caused,
5) Photocopy of the FIR filed regarding the case at the police station.


One might face difficulties negotiating with a car insurance company, which makes it essential to be well-prepared and handle the settlement process with patience. Be all prepared to make your car insurance claim favourable for you.

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