Unraveling the mystery: Why crash guards are excluded from bike insurance coverage


24 Aug 2023

Why Crash Guards Get a Cold Shoulder: The Insurance Enigma

While most bike insurance policies cover a wide range of damages, there's a confusing exclusion that often leaves bike owners scratching their heads: crash guards. These essential safety accessories, designed to minimize damage during accidents, are often excluded from coverage.

Understanding crash guards

Crash guards, also known as engine guards or crash bars, are protective metal frames installed on motorcycles to minimize damage in case of accidents or falls. These guards serve as a shield for the engine, bodywork and other vital parts, potentially saving bike owners from expensive repairs and replacements. They're designed to absorb impact, preventing direct contact between the bike's critical components and the ground.

Why crash guards aren't typically covered?

  • Aftermarket modifications

One of the primary reasons crash guards are excluded from bike insurance coverage is that they're considered aftermarket modifications. Any modifications made after purchase, including crash guards, may not be automatically covered.

  • Ambiguity in assessing damage

Standardized assessment methods are followed to estimate repair costs after an accident. Crash guards can complicate this process, as their presence might alter the extent of the damage.

  • Uncertainty of effectiveness

While crash guards are designed to minimize damage, their effectiveness in all scenarios isn't guaranteed. The impact can vary depending on the nature and severity of the accident. This uncertainty can lead to the exclusion of crash guards from bike insurance policy to avoid potential disputes over claim amounts.

  • Increased replacement cost

The presence of crash guards could lead to an inflated assessment of repair and replacement costs. Since crash guards might shield other parts of the bike, it might be reluctant to cover these additional costs without clear guidelines.

  • Preventing fraud

Some bike owners might install crash guards after an accident and then claim damages that were present before the accident. Insurance fraud is a concern in the industry. Excluding crash guards from coverage minimize the risk of fraudulent claims related to aftermarket modifications.

What can bike owners do?

  • If you have crash guards or other aftermarket modifications on your bike, it's crucial to disclose this information. This transparency can help avoid claim disputes and ensure that you have accurate coverage for your bike.

  • Custom coverage options are offered that allow you to include aftermarket modifications in your policy. While this might come at an additional cost, it can provide peace of mind if you're invested in protecting your modifications.

  • If your bike has extensive modifications, consider exploring speciality insurance options. These policies are tailored for customized bikes and can provide coverage for modifications like crash guards in your two-wheeler insurance policy.


The exclusion of crash guards from bike insurance coverage is a complex issue that arises from factors like aftermarket modifications, uncertainty of effectiveness, and concerns about fraudulent claims. While it's disappointing that these protective accessories are often not covered, bike owners can take steps to ensure they have the appropriate coverage by disclosing modifications. As the insurance landscape continues to evolve, more comprehensive insurance plans for aftermarket modifications like crash guards might become available in the future. Until then, understanding the reasons behind this exclusion with kotak general insurance can help bike owners make informed decisions about their insurance coverage.

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