Understanding the breakdown cover in bike insurance


02 Aug 2023

All about Breakdown cover in bike insurance

Those who enjoy riding their bikes may plan a lot of long journeys on their bikes. Although frequent maintenance makes sure that your bike is sufficiently dependable, there is still a certain amount of uncertainty.

Think about being stuck in the middle of nowhere because something went wrong with your bike. Having the appropriate breakdown cover in these circumstances might help you avoid losing your vehicle or bearing the costs of towing and repairs.

What is breakdown cover in bike insurance?

One of the most popular add-ons for a comprehensive bike insurance plan is breakdown cover, sometimes referred to as roadside assistance cover. When a breakdown occurs during a trip or excursion, the breakdown protection comes in help since the insurance company will give you financial support. There are many different things that may go wrong with a bike. The causes might include everything from tire-related problems to battery problems to a mechanical breakdown to running out of petrol, etc. It is a service help add-on cover created to provide much-needed help during such problems.

Benefits of breakdown cover

A breakdown cover option is available in addition to a comprehensive policy for riders who frequently travel outside of cities on their bike. Here are some of the main benefits of selecting breakdown coverage.

• Help in an emergency - If your bike breaks down while you're out riding, you may tell your insurance company about it, and as is customary, they'll send a qualified mechanic to assist you in analyzing the issue and finding a quick fix. They will assist you in transporting the bike to the closest open garage if they are unable to offer a solution.

• Economical solution - The breakdown cover is reasonably priced compared to many other add-ons. Your premium will only go up a very small amount if you add this rider to your bike insurance plan.

• Reassurance - You will get prompt access to assistance thanks to the add-on. You could receive assistance from a professional to fix the problem right away or transport the bike to the nearby repair shop. This may provide you with a lot of assurance and guarantee that your longer rides will go well.

List of coverage provided by bike breakdown insurance

Since breakdown insurance is effectively an add-on, the coverage may vary slightly depending on the insurer you choose. Here is the coverage you may anticipate from your breakdown add-on:

• Fuel assistance - The coverage can help you if your fuel gauge meter malfunctions or you somehow run out of fuel. You'll get some fuel assistance from the insurance company, up to 5 liters of petrol.

• Tyre issue - Many of us frequently encounter situations when we get stuck because of a flat tire. Your insurance company can then arrange for a professional to fix your tire-related problems.

• Mechanical breakdown - If a mechanical failure leaves you stranded, your insurance company will make arrangements for a professional to fix your bike. Typically, replacement parts or materials are not covered by the policy. It does, however, pay for labor costs and travel expenditures.

• Towing support - The insurance company will handle towing if the technician is unable to fix the problem there and it needs to be moved to a garage.

• Battery problems - Someone who travels extensively may have several problems as a result of an outdated or defective battery. Your insurance company can set up services to recharge your bike's battery if you experience such a problem.


A bike insurance Plan with breakdown cover is the guarantee provided to the insured by the insurer. When purchasing bike insurance online, be sure to select a comprehensive plan and the add-on that will come in handy if you find yourself in a tight spot.

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