Two Wheeler Insurance Policy for Food Delivery Bikes in India


02 Aug 2023

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Over the years, the online food delivery industry has grown by leaps and bounds. To deliver the food within the stipulated time, food delivery drivers often tend to ride their two-wheeler recklessly at times to meet the food delivery deadline. Completing a minimum target also compel some drivers to take the risk and ride fast. When you are employed in any of such online food delivery businesses, and you are required to deliver the food by bike or scooter, you must ensure that the vehicle has the appropriate cover to keep you safe against such unknown risks.

What is the importance of bike insurance for food delivering vehicles?

When you are part of the food delivery business, road mishaps can happen anytime. There may be a situation when you bump into the third-party property or get injured in an accident. To keep yourself guarded against such cases, buying bike insurance becomes necessary. Investing in a policy will not only provide financial protection but also keep you safe if you are trapped in any such circumstances.

Which type of two-wheeler insurance can you purchase?

Ideally, you can choose between Third-party Liability Cover, standalone own damage cover and a Comprehensive Two-wheeler bike insurance.

Insurance: This is liability coverage that provides cover against damages caused to third-party property, as well as provides protection in case of injuries or death of a third-party. As per the traffic laws, it is mandatory for every vehicle in India to have a third-party insurance.

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance: This is an end-to-end cover wherein it provides financial protection for you and your vehicle as well as covers third-party liabilities. In addition, the plan also lets you enhance the existing policy cover with the help of add-ons, for which you need to pay an extra premium.

Standalone two wheeler insurance: In case if you already have a third party insurance, you can buy standalone own damage two wheeler insurance separately to protect your vehicle from any damages.

What are the benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance for food delivery?

Every food delivery guy owning or using a bike or scooter should own bike insurance policy. Here’s how one can benefit from the policies:

• Financial protection against calamities:

Damages arising due to natural or manmade calamities are unavoidable. In case your vehicle suffers damage due to any of such events, a third-party may be useful. Only comprehensive two-wheeler insurance will compensate for the losses.

• Safeguards your savings:

When you have insurance cover, you do not spend a single penny on the losses. Your savings remain intact as the insurance company pays for the damages.

• Cover against Accidental damages:

Accidents are quite common if you are riding a bike or a scooter. So, if you bump into another vehicle by mistake, the repair damages will be covered under third-party liability; however, it won’t cover the insured person’s vehicle.

If you are employed as a food delivery employee, you need to think about the budget, coverage type, and premium rates. Suppose you decide to opt for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance; it is beneficial to purchase personal accident cover. You can easily buy bike insurance online through our Kotak General Insurance. Kotak Long term Two Wheeler Secure is one such policy that covers Own damage insurance, third party liability and personal cover all in one.

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