Top 5 safety tips to follow while driving


02 Aug 2023

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Road accidents in India are increasing at an alarming rate, especially car accidents. Be it an accident caused by being caught up in rash driving or by hitting the diversion, road accidents can cause severe damage to the car's parts, sometimes beyond repair. So, having personal car accident insurance can save you a lot of money and trouble.

Apart from getting car insurance, you must follow some safety guidelines to ensure a safe trip wherever you go.

Here are five safety tips to follow when you hit the road

1. Wearing a seatbelt

Newer models of cars are being manufactured with upgraded seat safety belts for front-row passengers as well as backseat passengers. This is to ensure the maximum safety of all riders involved. Moreover, not fastening the seatbelt is an offense under Section 138 (3) CMVR 177 MVA.

2. Following road signs & signals

While driving on the road, it is extremely important to follow traffic rules. You should maintain the speed limit required in certain areas, such as near schools and hospitals, as well as in congested areas. Obeying traffic rules is important to ensure that you don't incur financial or physical losses, as well as avoid fatal accidents.

You should also maintain your lane while driving on the highway and follow the painted road lines indicating where you can overtake a vehicle and where you cannot. You should also maintain a safe distance while driving so that you get some reaction time if the vehicle in front of you slows down or stops abruptly.

3. Servicing

Servicing your car is of utmost importance to ensure that your car runs smoothly, especially when traveling long distances. Get your car's brakes, headlights, and engines checked. You should also get the tires of your car checked on a regular basis, especially before and after a long trip. Replace the worn-out car parts, if necessary, to avoid any sort of accidents.

4. Avoid distraction

You must never use your phone or other distracting devices while driving. Most accidents reported are caused due to careless driving while on the phone. Avoid distractions from electronic gadgets such as loud music, mobile phones, etc.

5. Driving licence & insurance

Always keep your driving license & updated car insurance handy. In case of any problem, your driving licence will be held as your valid identity proof. Getting car insurance is crucial in case of any mishap, especially when traveling long distances. You can get car insurance online for your personal car accident insurance.


Maintaining these safety precautions while driving on the road for long and short distances is important for the safety of the drivers, the passengers, as well as everyone driving around your car. Before you set out on a long journey, it is wise to get personal car accident insurance.

You can get car insurance online according to your preference and convenience. Having a car insurance policy ensures that you have a hassle-free road trip.

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