Tips to unleash the true power of your electric scooter


19 Jun 2023

Maximize your electric scooter's potential with these simple yet effective tips.

An electric scooter is convenient, beneficial, and undoubtedly so popular. More and more people are investing in buying an electric scooter or scooty along with investing in a good insurance plan. An electric scooty insurance works like any other two-wheeler insurance policy.

An electric scooter is relatively lightweight and requires less energy to run. However, you can also increase the efficiency and power of your electric scooter. Here’s how you can do it.

How to enhance the power of your electric scooter?

Below are a few ways how you can enhance the true power of your electric scooter -

  • Technical specification

You need proper knowledge to understand the vehicle - what the parts are and how it works. The first thing you need to know is its battery. An electric scooter runs on battery and not on fuel. It has a Li-ion battery and a lead-acid battery. Charge your batteries to their fullest and see how enhanced is your electric scooter’s power.

  • Safety & comfort

India has water logging problems due to which the bike and cars might get damaged. But, an electric scooter has a sealed and waterproof battery box, which eliminates the risk of leakage or water seeping in and causing damage to the batteries. This also reduces the chances of raising claims now and then. Hence, it offers a long and comfortable ride without the fear of getting stuck somewhere.

  • Keep it well-maintained

To ensure your electric scooter is working well and fine, keep it clean and well-maintained all the time. If you leave your bike dirty and do not take care of it - it might develop snags which might lead to a situation where you have to raise a claim for the repair. All you need to do is charge your battery correctly, clean your bike, and do a routine check to see if everything is alright.

  • Range of the electric scooter

The range of the electric scooter means the maximum speed it can generate. Though electric scooters today are very powerful, they have a lower capacity and are best for riding at a lower speed. So, look for a high range if you want a scooter with enhanced power. This is because many two-wheeler companies are coming up with a scooter with a high range that can provide you maximum speed and is safe to ride. Also, you must note that the scooters will only run at the maximum speed if fully charged.

  • License & registration

Many e-scooters do not have the requirement of license and registration. An electric scooter that runs at a speed of 25 KMPH or below that does not require a driving license or registration. This is convenient for young people to ride or learn to drive a scooter. Also, ensure that if you drive your scooter above 25 Km/h, you must get licensed and registered.


An electric scooter/scooty is best for everyone - young adults and adults. Keeping all these things in mind, it can be said it is safe, and with proper care and maintenance, you can enhance the efficiency and power of your two-wheeler. Moreover, always get comprehensive electric scooty insurance for better coverage and financial safety.

You also need to know the factors while purchasing an electric vehicle in India to avoid complications if you take insurance afterwards.

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