Tips to protect Honda Activa by renewing two wheeler insurance


02 Aug 2023

Tips to extent of your Honda Activa Insurance coverage at the time of renewal with a suitable Insured Declared Value & add ons

The Honda Activa is the first scooter that springs to mind when someone mentions buying one. This non-geared scooty is simple to ride and is extremely reasonably priced, making the Honda Activa purchase unquestionably the best choice for anyone.

But before you drive your new scooter, keep in mind that you must also get Honda Activa insurance coverage. Additionally, India is more accident-prone due to its large population and widespread use of two-wheelers. For this reason, you need the appropriate insurance to safeguard your finances from unforeseen events.

Let's examine the different two-wheeler insurance options available to you before moving on to the renewal procedure.

Types of Bike Insurance

• Third-party liability bike insurance -

This kind of two-wheeler insurance is the most fundamental. It is also required since it protects you from any injury to a third-party person or their property, guaranteeing that the victim is always given compensation.

• Comprehensive bike insurance -

It comprises the required third-party liability component as well as the own damage component, which offers financial protection against any harm done to your own car as a consequence of an accident. Although not required by law, doing this is always the preferred two wheeler insurance option.

How to renew a Honda Activa's insurance coverage?

You may complete the full insurance renewal procedure from the comfort of your home or workplace without having to go to a branch office. You may renew your coverage in essentially four different ways:

1. Speak with your insurance provider - You can stroll into the closest branch office with the required paperwork and visit your insurer if you feel more comfortable doing so. Your insurance will be renewed after the renewal form is completed and the payment is received.

2. Talk to the insurance agent - Make a call to your insurance agent, who will handle the paperwork.

3. Online Web Portal - Visit your insurer's website, fill out the policy information there, upload any necessary supporting documentation, and you're done. Using this approach will allow you to renew your two-wheeler insurance quickly, at your own speed, and with the least amount of trouble.

4. Mobile App - Like on the internet, you may quickly renew your insurance using your insurer's mobile app.

Renewing your two-wheeler Insurance

• To keep your No Claims Bonus (NCB) discount and to ensure ongoing protection, always renew your insurance before it expires.

• If your personal information has changed after the last renewal, be sure to update it.

• There is often a grace period, depending on the policy, in the event that you fail to renew your insurance by the due date. To keep your policy's benefits and continue to be protected, renew it before the grace period expires.


You might think about the extent of your Honda Activa Insurance coverage at the time of renewal with a suitable Insured Declared Value (IDV). To avoid out-of-pocket costs, think about obtaining add-ons for particular situations you could face throughout the policy time. If you can, purchase multi-year insurance so that you are insured even if you neglect to renew it. Finally, to maintain your financial safety net, visit Kotak General Insurance website quickly and on time to renew your insurance.

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