Tips to ensure your two wheeler keeps looking new and shiny


02 Aug 2023

Tips for keeping your two-wheeler in good condition and To extend the life and performance of your bike

Your two-wheeler needs regular maintenance, just like any other machine, to keep it in excellent condition. Even while two-wheelers may lose value over time, you may still maintain them looking brand-new and have up-to-date bike insurance, just like the new ones. Many people consider this a difficult process and, as a result, omit certain necessary procedures that are necessary to make sure that your bike not only appears brand new but also functions as such.

Regular cleaning promotes longevity since it makes it easier to spot damage or wear and tear that could need repair. To protect yourself from any unforeseen financial damage or loss, upgraded bike insurance is also essential, just like routine maintenance.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your two-wheeler in good condition

• Cover up your bike

When not in use, always make sure to cover your bike. It will keep the dirt at bay and the paint of your two-wheeler in good condition. Furthermore, you should keep your two-wheeler in a shaded spot to keep it out of the damaging rays of the sun. This move also increases the face value of your vehicle during the inspection and helps get the low bike insurance premiums.

• Check the engine oil often

After the first 3,000 kilometers, the typical motorcycle's engine oil has to be changed. The performance and lifetime of your bike are significantly influenced by the engine oil. Over time, carbon buildup will cause the engine oil in your two-wheeler to get thicker, causing internal drag that will not only result in higher fuel costs but also cause the engine to fail. Keep an eye on the little transparent component of your engine that comes with a marking; this will let you know when it needs to be replaced.

• Keep your bike clean

To keep your two-wheelers clean and clear of any other foreign objects, you should wash them frequently, not just when you first get them. You should also look for any missing nuts or bolts on the bike and replace them right away. Before you start cleaning your bike, check to see that the H.T. coil, ignition switch unit, and silencer are all correctly covered. To cover any damage or loss, you should also get decent bike insurance.

• Keep the tyre pressure stable

Low-pressure tyres are more likely to blow out, which can ultimately cost you a lot of money to repair. To keep your two-tyres wheeler's in good condition, check the pressure in them at least twice a month. Examine thoroughly for any potential cuts and scrapes.

• Chain lubrication

You have to make lubricating the chain a frequent task on your to-do list. To stop the white noise, inspect and lube the chain that revolves around the back wheel. The chain will last longer if you maintain your bikes well.

• Regular service of the bike

The bike will seem new and sparkling if it receives regular maintenance. You may take your two-wheeler to the nearest garage for a complete repair. The insurance provider would pay the service fees if you bought a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.


To extend the life and performance of your bike, take good care of it. A well-maintained bike not only looks excellent but also rides smoothly. Additionally, remember to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy to protect yourself from high servicing costs.

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