Tips for converting petrol and diesel cars into electric cars


26 Oct 2023

Converting Your Petrol or Diesel Car to an Environmentally Friendly Electric Car

As the world move towards more supportable transportation alternative, many car owners are considering converting their petrol or diesel cars into electric vehicles (EVs). Converting an existing petrol car to electric can be a cost-effective and environment friendly option for purchasing a new EV. However, it's important to understand the implications of such a conversion, particularly when it comes to car insurance. Let's explore some essential tips to consider when converting petrol and diesel cars into electric cars with kotak general insurance and have a focus on the impact on four-wheeler insurance.

Understand the conversion process

It's important to have a thorough understanding of the process involved, before begining on an electric car conversion. Typically, petrol to electric car conversions involve replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric motor, installing a battery pack and making modifications to the car's electrical system. Research reputable conversion specializes in EV conversions to ensure a successful and safe transformation.

Tips to consider when converting petrol and diesel cars into electric cars

Some of the tips to consider when converting petrol and diesel cars into electric cars are mentioned below:

  • Notify us

Once you've decided to convert petrol car to electric, it's essential to inform your kotak car insurance about the modifications you plan to make. Converting a petrol or diesel car into an electric vehicle may affect your car insurance policy, as the value and risk profile of the vehicle will change. Failure to disclose the conversion could result in your insurance policy being disallowed or denied in the event of a claim.

  • Assess the impact on car value

While electric conversions can enhance the appeal of older cars and potentially increase their value, it's crucial to consult with automotive experts or conduct thorough research to understand how the conversion will affect your car's overall worth. Converting your car to electric may impact its market value. Understanding the new value of your converted electric vehicle is crucial when determining appropriate coverage and premiums.

  • Consider specialised electric vehicle insurance

Traditional car insurance policies may not adequately cover the unique risks associated with electric vehicles. Research policy that offer specific coverage for electric vehicles or EV conversions. These policies often provide coverage for the battery pack, electric motor and other components specific to electric cars. Specialised electric vehicle insurance can ensure comprehensive protection and peace of mind for your converted car.

  • Evaluate safety and certification

Ensure that the conversion is performed by experienced who adhere to safety standards and regulations. Safety is paramount when converting a vehicle to electric. Additionally, check if the conversion adhere with local laws and regulations regarding electric vehicle conversions. Meeting these requirements may be necessary to maintain insurance coverage and legal compliance.

  • Install safety features

Enhancing the safety of your converted electric car can not only provide added protection but also demonstrate that you're taking proactive measures to avoid risks. When converting your car to electric, consider installing additional safety features that are specific to electric vehicles. These may include high-voltage disconnect systems, battery thermal management systems and monitoring devices.


Converting a petrol or diesel car into an electric vehicle is an thrilling and environmentally conscious choice. It's important to consider the implications for car insurance with kotak car insurance by understanding the conversion process that can help the insurance policy confidently.

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