Things you should keep handy before applying for a car insurance


02 Aug 2023

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Owning a vehicle has a lot of responsibilities attached to it. Car insurance is a primary and most important prerequisite for owning a vehicle. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, third-party car insurance is mandatory for every vehicle owner. A comprehensive car insurance policy will give you coverage for your vehicle and any third-party liability. With the advent of technology, buying car insurance online has become hassle-free.

These days, a plethora of other options are also available as add-ons on the original car insurance policy. If you are applying for car insurance online or through the company, you will need a list of a few things to be kept as handy.

Let us read on to learn more about how to keep things handy before the application process starts. Some of the basic things are:

1. Vehicle and driver Details

The condition of the vehicle, its age, depreciation, and safety features are some aspects that affect the vehicle's premium. This is the paramount factor that needs to be considered while applying for car insurance. The driver's details should be mentioned when applying for the policy. It is preferred that no fines should be pending against the driver of the vehicle in whose name the vehicle is registered.

2. Driver's licence

A valid driver's licence is compulsory for driving any vehicle in the country. The driving history and other related factors, such as any pending challans, affect the country's renewal and issuance of a driving licence. The car insurance premium will be less if there is no history of fines and penalties.

3. Application

The application process for car insurance has become super easy in this internet age. You can apply and get a quote within seconds. The quote does not indicate the final price for the insurance. Many insurance agents change their quotes after verifying the vehicle.

4. Loan documents

If the vehicle has been purchased using a car loan, the details of the loan, the purchase method, proof of any discounts, or the instalment payment method must be mentioned while applying for car insurance.

Some other vehicle details like the chassis number, model of the vehicle, make of car, and safety features are some points considered by the insurance company. The premium is dependent on a large number of factors and may vary according to these factors.


Buying a comprehensive insurance policy will give you maximum coverage and protection. Third-party insurance is easier to purchase and avail and has lesser checkpoints as compared to the comprehensive insurance policy. Buying car insurance online is convenient but will require you to keep the above things handy for an easier and more effective application process. If you keep the above things handy, you can ensure a smoother process for car insurance.

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