The year comes to an end it is time to buy a new car


02 Aug 2023

Read about the Benefits of buying a car during the sale at the end of the year. Check out the car insurance policy online from Kotak General Insurance.

Year-end sales sound pretty exciting, especially when you have plans for something big like a car. Purchasing a car is like making a significant investment. So, everyone wants to get the best deal at the best prices. Throughout the year, there might be fluctuations in automobile prices. However, at year-end, all the prices come down to the most affordable slot where you can definitely find your dream car. The year-end is considered to be a leaner period as most people prefer buying a car in the new year as it is then the current year make.

Let's see how you can benefit if you step out to purchase your car during the year-end sale

• Savings like never before

The year-end sale means savings thanks to the huge discounts, decreased rates, and flexibility in negotiation. If you are planning for a car but do not want to go beyond your budget or save some extra amount, the year-end sale can be the right time for you.

• It's a deal that you can make

Usually, people who have a car and looking for a new one goes for a car exchange. However, car dealers try to negotiate it at a relatively low price than the market rate to make a profit and get the car refurbished for resale. Throughout the year, they have the upper hand in this deal. However, at the year-end sale, the customer has the upper hand due to the rush of the sale in the showrooms. This is the time when the dealer has to clear stocks or meet the yearly target and thus, you can negotiate better and get better deals for your old and new cars both.

• Your favourite model at a competitive price

Getting your favourite model by December can give you the leverage of better negotiation, competitive rates, and further discounts and offers. However, once the new year begins, the prices get higher once again. So, if you can compromise with a few new features of the new car model, you can definitely get a win-win deal at the year-end sale

• The dealer is in a rush to sell, make the most of it

Every year, car manufacturers release new models, which people are already excited about. Hence, they try their best to sell out all the existing cars in their inventory by adding up exciting deals and offers. It helps them create space for the new car models that will be arriving next year. Also, the craze for the existing car models will be suppressed once a new one comes. So, it is better for them to deal with all the stock at the most affordable rates by the year-end sale. This is the reason you get to see oozing discount offers at the showroom.


Along with your new riding partner, you must also have to purchase car insurance (if you do not have an ongoing one). Car insurance will provide complete protection and ensure you are all set for long drives across your favourite destinations. Wait for the right deal at the year-end sale and grab the best deal for yourself and your family.

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