The Perfect Car Insurance Coverage for City Drivers


02 Aug 2023

Know about which car insurance coverage is perfect for city drivers and what are its add-on covers. Check out the car insurance from Kotak General Insurance!

When you are living in a city, owning a four-wheeler vehicle gives you the liberty to move around freely without any dependency on public transport. Driving in a city means increased traffic risk, unpredictable drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. That’s why having the right car insurance coverage is essential. While it is mandatory to have Third-Party Liability Insurance, which only covers third party damage having an end-to-end cover such as comprehensive policy or own damage insurance is necessary to safeguard your vehicle against risks.

Let’s look at some of the threats you and your car may face when living in a city.

Flooding: Heavy rains often lead to waterlogging and flooding issues in cities. There have been instances in the past where cities like Mumbai and Chennai have faced flooding problems resulting in damage to four-wheelers.

Vehicle theft: Even though you may be living in gated premises or keeping your vehicle locked, car thefts are quite common in cities. While third-party insurance will not be able to compensate for the loss, a comprehensive policy will help to cover the losses.

Accident: Cities are always clogged with unwanted traffic problems. Even if you are an experienced driver, accidents are still unavoidable. There may be instances when you may accidentally bump into another vehicle. In such circumstances, having third-party insurance would suffice, but it would pay only for third-party property, injuries, and death and not for own damage.

Injuries: Further to the earlier point, accidents may cause minor or major bodily injuries. If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, the insurance company will cover costs related to your personal injuries as well as any injuries caused to a third-party driver.

Car breakdown: Car breakdown is a common occurrence. This can be troublesome if the location of the breakdown is not familiar to you. It can be difficult to find a nearby garage in such a scenario.

Damages due to manmade hazards: Manmade hazards such as a terrorist attacks, riots, strikes, etc., are unpredictable. Also, events like these often occur in cities. If you are living in a metro city like Mumbai, such hazards can partially or fully manage your property.

All of such instances are quite common; hence having a comprehensive car insurance policy is always worth it. A comprehensive car insurance coverage is an ideal insurance cover that provides financial protection to you and your four-wheeler arising due to unfortunate events such as accidents, theft, fire, etc. In addition, it also covers third-party liabilities. Having an end-to-end cover is always beneficial for car owners in a city. If you want, a comprehensive car insurance policy can also be customized to increase the level of protection. Some of the add-on covers include

• Depreciation Cover,

• Consumables Cover,

• Engine Protection,

• Type Protection,

• Daily Car Allowance,

• Loss of Personal Belongings,

• Roadside Assistance

• Return to invoice

In case you opt for any of these add-ons, you will be required to pay an additional premium. But it will help to get improved car insurance protection. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive cover, you can explore Kotak Car Secure policy, which is a comprehensive car insurance cover offering all-around protection with key benefits such as No Claim Bonus (NCB), Damage Cover, Personal Accident Cover, Third-party liability cover, among others.

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