The influence of bike customisation on insurance costs


27 Sep 2023

Customisation Choices and Their Impact on Bike Insurance

Bike customisation has become increasingly popular among bikers. From upgraded components to personalised paint jobs, bikers are investing in modifications to enhance the performance, aesthetics and functionality of their bikes. However, it is important to understand the impact of bike customisation on insurance costs. Kotak bike insurance will help you to explore the influence of bike customisation on two wheeler insurance costs and provide you with insights.

Influence of bike customisation on insurance costs

  • Increased bike value

Bike customisations, such as high-end components, carbon fiber frames or specialized wheels, can significantly increase the value of your bike. One of the primary factors that influence bike insurance costs is the value of the insured item. As a result, higher premiums may be charged to provide coverage for these customised parts. It is essential to keep a record of the value of your customisations and inform us to ensure that your bike is adequately covered.

  • Repair costs

Kotak general insurance considers the cost of repairing customised parts when determining premiums. If a customised part gets damaged, we may need to source a specialised expert for a specific repair, which can result in higher costs. Customised bike parts are often more expensive to repair compared to standard components. As a result, two wheeler insurance policy premiums may be higher to account for these potential expenses.

  • Increased theft risk

Some bike customisations, such as high-end components or unique paint jobs, can make your bike more attractive. Customised bikes may be targeted more frequently, leading to an increased risk of theft. Kotak bike insurance takes into account the theft risk associated with customised bikes when calculating premiums. It is crucial to choose a bike insurance policy that includes theft protection for your customized bike to mitigate the financial impact of theft.

  • Limited coverage for custom parts

Standard bike insurance online policies may have limitations when it comes to covering customised bike parts. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to understand the extent of coverage provided for customised parts. If necessary, consider purchasing add-on coverage that specifically caters to customised bikes.

  • Documentation and appraisals

Keep records of receipts, invoices and photographs of your bike and any modifications made. To ensure accurate coverage and fair insurance premiums, it is advisable to document and appraise your customised bike and its components. This documentation can help substantiate the value of your customisations and assist in the claims process if the need arises. Additionally, consider obtaining a professional appraisal to determine the current value of your customised bike. This appraisal can serve as evidence of the bike's worth and aid in negotiating appropriate insurance coverage.

  • Communication with kotak bike insurance

Open and transparent communication with kotak bike insurance is essential when insuring a customised bike. Inform us about any modifications or customizations made to your bike. Provide us with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the components, their value and any changes made over time.


Bike customisation can significantly enhance your riding experience, but it also impacts insurance costs. Understanding the influence of bike customisation on insurance costs with kotak general insurance can help you to enjoy the benefits of a personalized cycling experience.

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