The Indian law prohibits driving motorcycles/bikes without helmets.


16 Jun 2023

Importance of Wearing a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle/Bike in India.

Do you ride a bike without a helmet just because it makes you look cool, with your hair swaying in the air and your shirt flying back? If yes, you are putting your life in danger.

Riding bike without helmet poses a risk to your precious life. Therefore, it is mandated by the law for drivers and pillions (persons sitting in the back seat of bikes) to wear helmets. As per Section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the helmet's thickness must be 20-25 mm with foam of superior quality. It must also have an ISI mark and follow the Bureau of Standards. Also, riding without a helmet is considered a legally punishable act.

What are the charges for not wearing a helmet while driving?

The charges vary depending on the state. However, when you are caught in this illegal act, you will be fined Rs. 1000/-. In addition, the Motor Vehicle Department might annul your driving license for three months. If you are caught repeatedly, you can be imprisoned and fined with higher penalty amounts.

What happens after traffic police catch you riding a bike without a helmet?

Once you are caught riding bike without helmet, this is what happens next -

  • You will have to stop your vehicle and pull over to the side.

  • Your key might be seized until the procedure is over.

  • The traffic officer will ask you for the documents like a driving license, registration certificate, bike insurance, PUC, etc.

  • They will check the documents to check if they are valid.

  • If the documents are okay, they will issue a challan for not wearing a helmet, including your name and the fine amount. Nowadays, e-challans are also issued.

  • Once you receive the challan, you can pay it online or offline.

Tips to avoid getting challan for helmet

Helmets keep you safe in accidents and from the law. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid the bike helmet challan -

  • Always remember to carry your helmet while leaving the house.

  • Buy a helmet only with an ISI mark with a thickness of 20-25 mm.

  • Get a helmet according to your head size.

  • Carry helmet for pillion riders.

  • Replace helmets that are cracked or damaged.

The government has set and effectuated the traffic rules for your safety. So, do not disobey the rules and put yourself in harm's way. Wearing a helmet doesn't take much of your time. Keep your helmets on and yourself safe, as there is always someone waiting for you back home.

In case you get into an accident, get your motorcycle's insurance in place to remain secure in a financial emergency.

"according to helmet laws in India," . Finally this will look like "Once you are caught riding bike without helmet, according to helmet laws in India, this is what happens next"

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