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The importance of car brake maintenance should not be undermined, especially during monsoon. While we generally associate romantic long drives with the monsoon, driving in heavy rains can be highly inconvenient. Flooded roads, potholes, and poor visibility- all contribute to the higher rate of accidents during monsoon. Hence, proper car maintenance becomes all the more important during monsoon. Learn the why and how of car brake maintenance during monsoon.

Why is brake maintenance essential before monsoon?

The braking system is one of your vehicle's most crucial safety features. The ability to stop or slow on time can help prevent major accidents and mishaps. But the braking efficiency becomes particularly important during monsoons when slippery roads affect your car's braking distance.

However, the rainy season is not exactly good news for your braking system. Moisture can easily seep into it, reducing the braking power and efficiency. So proper brake maintenance is crucial during rains to decrease the chances of brake failure.

Brake maintenance during monsoon

Here are a few brake and car maintenance tips to keep your vehicle safe this monsoon.

• Inspect brake pads and rotors

Your brake pads and rotors are likely to wear more quickly than other components of your low-maintenance car. The friction between the brake pads and the wheels is to blame. So it's essential to routinely check the quality of the pads and change them if necessary. Also, take notice of increasing brake distance or burning odour as these indicate deterioration of pads and rotors.

• Replace worn brake parts

If you hear a squealing noise or feel your car vibrate when your brake, it's evident that some parts of your brake need replacement. Check for these signs before the monsoon. Replacing the worn-out parts will improve the performance of your braking system and help you stay safe when driving in the rain. Also, check for the effectiveness of the brake system circuit.

• Top-up your brake fluid

Most car manufacturers recommend changing the brake fluid every two years. This is because brake fluid absorbs moisture over time which reduces its effectiveness. A cloudy fluid indicates that it's time to replace it. So check your fluid before the monsoon and top it off with fresh liquid if required.

• Check brake lights

Brake lights warn drivers behind you that you're slowing down. Ensure that these lights are working fine and replace them if necessary. You do not want to surprise fellow drivers with a sudden halt.

• Get insurance

All things said and done, vehicle owners are always advised to cover themselves against damages for unforeseen circumstances. While a third-party cover is mandatory, investing in a comprehensive car insurance policy will also cover damages to your vehicle.

Why is car insurance important during monsoon?

A quality insurance policy such as Kotak Car Secure will help manage the damages caused by waterlogging, flooding, or other adverse weather conditions during monsoon. As such, you can enjoy your long drive without worrying about the financial repercussions of those damages.

You can also opt for add-ons like engine guards to cover engine damage from water ingress during flooding.

If you already have car insurance, make sure to check the expiry date and get it renewed if necessary.

With proper car maintenance and a comprehensive cover like Kotak Car secure, you're all set to hit the road during the monsoon without any worry.

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