Telematics and traffic improving driver safety through technology


10 Jan 2024

Innovations for Safe Driving & Comprehensive Insurance.

Technology has transformed and upgraded all sectors throughout the world. The automotive sector is one sector that has benefitted the most through technological advancement. The upgrade has helped car owners to stay safe and enjoy the drive. Numerous features have significantly improved road safety measures. From intelligent systems to innovative applications and devices technological advancements have played a major role in minimizing the risk related to driving practices thereby promoting driver safety technology and co-passengers. You could avail of car insurance discounts as well for these technological advancements in your car.

The insurance sector welcomes these technological advancements by incorporating them under car insurance policies. Car insurance from Kotak General Insurance offers third-party car insurance coverage for such advanced applications and devices. Whether Telematics or usage-based insurance or yearly car insurance online both offer complete coverage in the event of an incident. The following article mentions the technological advancements observed in promoting safer driving practices.

Improving driver safety through technology

Automatic emergency braking:

In India the number of accidents due to collisions is high these accidents can be averted if the breaks are applied on time. The need for advanced breaking system called AEB or Automatic Emergency Braking that detects the collision of a car with another car, pedestrian, or obstacle, and automatically brakes are activated. Additionally, the vehicle can also slow down or stop due to the automatic emergency braking thereby reducing road accidents significantly.

Backup camera:

A Rear-view Video System also called a backup camera allows the driver to see the rear field around the vehicle while parking or reversing the vehicle. This facility enables the driver to drive in reverse in a hassle-free manner. With this technology, the driver can avoid blind spots and avoid reverse collisions.

Augmented reality windshield:

Augmented Reality is the way ahead where the computer-generated images of the real world are fed into the windshield to provide a heads-up display of important things required by the driver like the fuel level, cruise control, etc.

Blind spot sensors:

Blind spots are dangerous and can cause accidents and collisions during lane changing or parking the vehicle. Having a sensor that gives a heads-up about the probable obstacle helps reduce the accidents caused due to oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, and animals. Blind spot sensors allow the driver to receive a warning about an upcoming bump, and detect vehicles, and other objects thereby keeping the driver alert.

Adaptive cruise control:

Adaptive cruise control is a technology developed that with the help of lasers, sensors, and radars detects the closeness of the vehicle ahead and autonomously controls the speed of the vehicle. This technology helps in averting collisions and accidents thereby putting the safety of the driver, passengers, co-travellers, and pedestrians at the forefront.

Lane change warning systems:

As the name suggests this technology alerts the driver in case of lane change of the vehicle without signalling. Due to this technology vehicle drifts and potential collisions are averted.

The conclusion

In conclusion, telematics benefits or traffic safety with technology both act as an aid that contributes significantly towards reducing accidents, saving lives, and helping create safer roadways. These advanced vehicle features are created to safeguard the lives of individuals driving and or travelling on the road. Additionally, traffic safety technology will continue to evolve and innovate thereby making roadways safer for drivers and co-travellers.

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