Steps to download bike insurance policy through WhatsApp


14 Jul 2023

Easy and Convenient Way to Access Your Bike Insurance Policy Anytime, Anywhere

A bike insurance policy is a written contract between the policyholder and the insurer that establishes the terms of the insurance arrangement. It serves as official documentation issued by the insurance provider to demonstrate that the policyholder will get financial assistance in the event that the covered bike is damaged.

It is a very significant document since the insurance provider bases its policy offers on the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. If you have subscribed to a bike insurance policy, you can also download it from WhatsApp.

How does it work?

Whatsapp is currently regarded as one of the most well-liked and user-friendly messaging apps. By using this application, you may easily access your crucial personal papers, like bike insurance. Visit MyGov, an online service created to facilitate communication between various government ministers, and that's all you have to do. It offers a chatbot solution that leverages Digilocker to access crucial documents and send them to your registered mobile number. By logging into the MyGov helpdesk chatbox on your WhatsApp, you may quickly have access to all the papers that you have uploaded in the Digilocker.

The initial step in using this service is saving these documents in Digilocker. In order to confirm these facts, use the WhatsApp number associated with your personal papers. Making everything available with only a few clicks is the main goal of this helpdesk.

Download bike insurance policy via WhatsApp

Your respective bike insurance policy number and your registered email address are required in order to get the document. The following are the steps to download the policy documents:

  1. Activate your Digilocker account. You will require your Aadhaar card information, a phone number, an email address, and your date of birth for that.

  2. Sending a message that says "Hi" or "Digilocker" to +919013151515 on WhatsApp will then allow you to access the new MyGov chat box.

  3. When you send this message, the MyGov ChatBox will immediately respond with the message, "Welcome to DIgilocker services to download your documents."

  4. Enter your Aadhaar number after that to provide your Digilocker account details. To authenticate your account, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

  5. After your account has been properly validated, you can download any documents—including your bike insurance policy—that are stored in your Digilocker account.

Are hard copies of the bike insurance policy document required?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is mandatory for every driver of a two-wheeled vehicle to drive on Indian roads while carrying a copy of their bike insurance policy. To prevent any penalties when checking, IRDAI has introduced a mobile application called e-VAHAN Bima that enables you to keep a soft copy of the documentation for your bike insurance policy on your phone.

It is not required to download bike insurance and print that before every bike ride. However, having a printed copy of your bike insurance is vital to prevent any penalties in the event that you lose your phone or leave it at home. As a result, it is advised to carry a physical copy of your insurance documentation.

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