Steps to claim car insurance for flood damage


02 Aug 2023

Flood damage: 6 steps for filing a car insurance claim for flood damage. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Every year, during the monsoon season in India, we witness heavy rainfall in many parts of India, leading to natural disasters like flash floods, which cause immense damages to houses and cars. If you are wondering if your insurer will cover the damages to your car due to flood, this write-up is for you. Read on to know more about car insurance claims for flood damage.

Car insurance for flood damage

Whether your car insurance policy covers damages due to flood depends on the type of policy you have. You can get coverage against damages due to flood or any other natural catastrophes like cyclones, earthquakes, etc., only if you have a comprehensive policy.

When you buy a four-wheeler insurance plan, it is advisable to consider the extent of coverage you need, i.e., sum assured. Floods can cause severe damages to your car, leading to expensive repairs. In some cases, your car may get damaged beyond repairs, i.e., total loss. While you buy a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy with a higher sum assured may have a high premium, it could help you save a lot of money during unexpected incidents like total damage.

We all know that floods can cause significant damage to your car. So, if you live in a flood-prone area, you can use the following tips to protect your car.

• Park your car on higher ground. This will significantly reduce the risk of water entering your car.

• Ensure that you roll up the windows always. Any gap in the window would allow the water to seep in, and damage the upholstery, and electronic items in the car.

• If possible, you must disconnect the way to avoid short circuits due to the water entering the engine bay.

Filing a car insurance claim for flood damage

Sometimes, inspite of taking all the steps to protect your car, it can still get damaged due to flood. Follow the below steps to raise a claim request from your insurance company.

Step 1

First and foremost, inform your insurance company immediately about the claim intimation. You can call them on their toll-free number anytime during the business hours or send an email to inform them about the damages suffered. While you register your claim, you must also provide the insurer with your four-wheeler insurance policy details.

Step 2

Once you register your claim, the customer support executive will contact you and provide a claim reference number. You must keep this handy for future reference and to check the claim settlement status.

Step 3

Try to gather as much evidence and information as possible about the damages. Make sure to click pictures or shoot video of the damaged car. This will help you underpin your claim. Also, you must collect and submit all the necessary documents like a copy of your car’s registration certificate, driving licence, policy documents, and other papers as required by the insurer.

Step 4

After you submit the documents and the claim application form, the insurer will arrange for an inspection within 24 hours of raising a claim to assess the extent of the damages suffered.

Step 5

The assessment team will submit a detailed report of the damages, based on which the insurer will determine the compensation amount.

Step 6

The insurer will make the payment within seven working days and settle the claim.

Now that you are aware of the steps to file a car insurance claim for flood damage, follow it diligently; if you skip any step or don’t provide any document needed, it would unnecessarily delay the settlement process.

Final Word

Filing a car insurance claim for flood damage is not as difficult as it may seem. If you hold a policy with us, our customer support team of Kotak general insurance can help you with any assistance and would guide you through the entire process, from filling the form to getting the compensation.

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