Steps To Check Bike Insurance Premium Quotes From Your Smartphone


02 Aug 2023

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Can you comprehend a life without a smartphone? It is hard to believe that there was a time when we did not have access to smartphones. With the advent of technology and smartphones, we do most of our things via a smartphone. Right from our banking needs to leisure to travel. Thus, it only makes sense to use your smartphone to buy bike insurance.

Insurance companies and insurance aggregators have made things much easier for getting quotes for two wheeler insurance. This enables a much smoother buying experience for smartphone users.

Bike Insurance Quotes

As the name might give away a bit, a bike insurance quote is the approximate premium amount that you would need to pay to procure a policy for your bike. As a potential buyer, what you need to know is that the insurance quote for your bike depends on a variety of factors. And by tweaking some of these, you can see an impact on the policy quotes.

IDV or insured declared value of the bike is one such example. If you increase or decrease the IDV of your bike, the overall premium will vary accordingly.

Steps To Check Insurance Quotes for Bike Insurance

The process to get bike insurance quotes is easy and would take only a few minutes at the maximum. Here are the steps.

1. Download the app of an insurance aggregator onto your smartphone.

2. Register and log in to the app.

3. Select bike insurance as the product and proceed.

4. Enter the registration details of your bike.

5. Answer a few simple questions on the app and receive instant quotes for your bike insurance.

Why Should I Check Insurance Quotes?

If you are wondering what is the need to check two wheeler insurance quote before buying, here are some prominent reasons.

1. Compare Plans:

Getting bike insurance quotes from different insurance providers can help you in the decision-making process. You can compare different policies based on their coverage and insurance premiums before finalising a plan.

2. Budget-Friendly Plans:

It is possible for you to buy a plan for your bike, and that too within your budget. Looking for a quote before buying is one of the smarter ways of doing so. As you receive quotes, you can check the discounts as well as the coverage on offer. Also, you can change a few parameters to bring down the policy premiums.

3. Know The Plan:

Most importantly, as you seek bike insurance quotes, you will learn a bit more about your bike than you did before. You will get a better understanding of what is included in the policy, what is not included in the policy, the add-ons that you can opt for, and how they will impact your policy premiums.


Using the above steps, you can easily receive quotes for bike insurance policies right from the comfort of your smartphone. Since most insurance providers do not need advisors for policies sold online, the benefits are passed on to buyers in the form of lower premiums.

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