Some Proven Driving Safety Techniques


02 Aug 2023

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The skill of driving requires discipline & attention to perfection. Enrolling in a reputable driving school is always wise, whether you are a novice driver starting to learn to drive or an experienced driver who wants to hone driving skills.

Moreover, it is crucial for each car user to grasp and follow the traffic rules on the road in a nation like ours, which is infamous for fatal road accidents and other traffic-related incidents. Several factors, such as poor vehicle maintenance, a lack of adequate infrastructure, and a general disregard for pedestrians and other cars on the road, have contributed to the frequency of traffic accidents.

Following traffic laws can significantly minimize the number of accidents on our roads. You may help to improve road safety by following the suggestions outlined below:

Keep Your Car in Good Condition -
Keeping your car in good working order is a must for road safety. You must make sure that the tire pressure is proper and that worn-out tires are replaced to avoid sliding. The brake fluid should be changed regularly. To avoid the engine overheating in the summer, you must regularly check the coolant levels in your car.

Put on Your Seat Belt -
Always be sure to fasten your seatbelt regardless of how at ease you are behind the wheel or how little distance you are traveling. Your vehicle's airbags do not make you exempt from wearing a seatbelt.

Do Not Drive When Distracted -
Distracted driving is one of the primary causes of traffic accidents. Sometimes listening to music that is excessively loud could make it harder to react. Satellite navigation systems are also rapidly becoming a significant cause of distraction. Driving when fatigued may also not be a smart idea.

Overtaking should be Avoided -
You should never pass another car while changing lanes on a busy road to maintain the traffic rules and regulations. Since overtaking from the left is not permitted in India, if a lane change is necessary, do it from the right side.

Keep Your Distance -
To give yourself adequate time and space to respond if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops, maintain a safe distance. It falls under driving safety standards, including practical instructions and strategy.

Learn Defensive Driving -
You can never control how others drive on the road. They might be inexperienced, ignorant of the traffic rules, dealing with an emergency, or simply having a terrible day. Learn defensive driving so you can handle yourself in this case.


The likelihood of an accident cannot be completely ruled out when driving, no matter how cautious you are. Therefore, getting car insurance coverage is strongly advised. Most unforeseen damages are covered by such insurance. Along with having insurance, be sure to renew your vehicle insurance prior to the expiration of your present policy.

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