Some Important Car Insurance Tips for Late Blooming Drivers


02 Aug 2023

Four Wheeler Insurance: Check out the 6 Important Car Insurance tips for Late-Blooming Drivers. Understand how customizing your insurance with add-ons can benefit you.

Whether you have started car driving early or late in your life, third party car insurance is mandatory for all cars running on the road as per Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Although the comprehensive policy is not mandatory but having mandatory car insurance would help you to cover damages caused to the third party. Here are a few important tips to know about car insurance if you have just started driving late.

1. Get the mandatory insurance cover:

You may have started driving late to meet your passion for driving and would not take your car for long city drives. Whether you choose to take short trips to the nearest market or a far-off place, purchasing third party insurance is a must. Failing to show third party insurance may attract heavy fines or imprisonment, or even both. Along with third-party insurance, you would also need Personal Accident insurance that will cover the costs if you are severely injured or die in any major accident.

Unfortunately, this basic insurance does not provide any cover for damage to own car. In case you wish to have wider coverage that includes any damages to your car as well, opt for a comprehensive insurance policy.

2. Choosing for extensive coverage:

Using comprehensive car insurance is necessary if not mandatory. It covers third-party insurance and any damage to the car caused due to accident, theft, or even any natural calamity such as fire, rain, storm, etc. You can also opt for a customized insurance plan depending upon your needs.

3. Customize your insurance with Add-ons:

You can choose add-ons or additional coverage for your car, depending upon your need. This additional coverage needs to be purchased separately and comes with an extra cost. To avoid an unnecessary increase in the price of your insurance policy, choose the ones that you need the most. You can choose between Engine Protection Cover, Road assistance, No Claim Bonus (NCB), Return to Invoice etc.

4. Renew before your policy expires:

Just like you re-fuel your car before it finishes, your insurance also needs to be renewed when it is active. Any claim is settled only if the loss takes place during the policy tenure. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind while renewing your policy:

• Try renewing your policy two weeks before the expiry date to avoid any last moment hassle

• You may not be driving a car for a period and wish to renew your insurance later. Though it is possible, still you need to think that damages can occur even when your car isn’t on the road.

• Moreover, if you renew on time, it helps you to retain the No claim Bonus.

5. Reduce premium with No Claim Bonus:

There is a legit way to reduce your premium with a No Claim Bonus. You are offered a discount on your car insurance policy renewal if you have not made any claim during the year. This is a kind of reward for keeping your car safe and driving responsibly.

6. Choose a digital Insurer:

A digital insurer helps you save time and effort of travelling to the office for insurance. Like we at Kotak general insurance have a simplified yet extensive comprehensive policy Kotak Car Secure. You can get all-around protection just at the click of a button. To avail the Kotak Online car insurance, you simply need to follow the below process:

• Just click on the Get Quote button on Kotak general insurance page

• Fill in the required registration details, personal details

• Make your payment online

• You can also call on the toll number 1800 266 4545 for any queries.

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