Should you opt in for roadside assistance in bike insurance


02 Aug 2023

Safe ride with a roadside assistance add-on anywhere in and out of the city with Bike Insurance Policy

Buying a bike insurance policy is crucial as per Indian law. It helps you protect your bike from accidents, thefts, and other unforeseen circumstances. Or, we can also say that - bike insurance is a contract between you and the insurance provider who helps cover the loss incurred. However, if you believe basic bike insurance is sufficient, you should reconsider. Regular bike insurance will only greatly assist if you suffer a flat tire or a bike breakdown.

The roadside assistance insurance provides your daring spirit wings in circumstances where your bike breaks while riding. You are not left stranded on uncharted roads alone; you may seek expert assistance to fix your bike using a roadside assistance cover.

What is roadside assistance in bike insurance?

Roadside assistance in bike insurance is an add-on that can be bought with your basic two-wheeler insurance. This will help you get your bike repaired in case you are strangled in the middle of nowhere. In this situation, the insurance provider will offer towing, on-the-spot repairs, a different mode of transportation, emergency lodging, and key replacements.

Should you buy roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance will be a great add-on if you are a constant rider and love to travel places. According to this cover, the claim relates to the provided service. As a result, you may file a claim by contacting the insurance provider and seeking their assistance.

Below are a few reasons why you should opt in for roadside assistance in bike insurance -

• Covers battery problems

Having a dead battery may be annoying, especially on a long trip. The insurance company will then make the required preparations to jump-start the bike so you may continue traveling.

• Help with tyre problems

A flat tire prevents a bike from moving forward. Here, the roadside assistance cover might be useful since your bike insurance company will send a bike expert to repair the puncture so you can continue traveling.

• Accommodation help

Additionally, the insurer may book a hotel room for the covered bike's rider in case the damage is severe. According to the terms and conditions of the plan, the insurer is responsible for paying the related fees. The location of the breakdown and the policyholder's home are other factors that affect this benefit.

• Legal issue

Bike collisions may be traumatic. They could also drag you into a legal quagmire. According to the terms and conditions of the insurance, the insurer will make arrangements for legal counsel if you are engaged in such a legal matter.

• Towing assistance

If the technician cannot fix mechanical or electrical problems, the bike must be hauled to a nearby garage - if you have roadside assistance.


You can have a safe ride with a roadside assistance add-on anywhere in and out of the city. You'll be inspired to free your adventurous side, and the insurance providers worry about the security of your bike while you're riding it down the road.

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