Short manual for maintaining bike tires and obtaining insurance


04 Aug 2023

Read about Short manual for maintaining bike tires & obtaining insurance. For more information, check out the bike insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

If you fail to properly maintain the tires of your motorbike, you are risking your own life and the lives of other drivers on the road. Hence, it is critical to be cautious and maintain your tires regularly.

A bike's tires must be in excellent condition for it to be considered in top condition & getting good mileage. You should bear in mind the following advice to take good care of your tires, keeping them in good condition and reducing the likelihood that they may cause an accident:

Tyre pressure maintenance - Ensure your bike's tire pressure is correctly maintained; it's one of the most crucial things you can do for tire health. Each bike has a different suggested amount of tire pressure, which can be maintained according to the owner's manual that came with your bike.

Regular repairing - There are many times when bikers find a nail in the tire. Avoid continuing to ride if you find it yourself, and take care of the problem right away. It is advised against riding with a nail in the tire for an extended period of time. Consider hauling the bike if the garage is far away to prevent damage.

Wash your tyres regularly - You must thoroughly clean your bike. Long drives on sandy roads may quickly destroy tires. Make it a practice to wash your bike tire at least twice every week. If there is dirt on the road, tires might slide, which can cause terrible accidents.

Monsoon tyre maintenance - The importance of tire pressure increases during the rainy season since less grip on the road can cause accidents and slips. It is advised to ride one or two PSI below the manufacturer's recommendations to provide appropriate traction when riding in the rain. Check the treads on your tires as well. Because treads are made to distribute water, it's critical to have a decent tread depth when riding in the rain.

Why do you need bike insurance?

Having two-wheeler insurance is important to safeguard their vehicle from theft, mishaps, or natural disasters. In the same way that maintaining the bike's tires is a preventative action for preserving your cash, purchasing bike insurance is also one.

The law also mandates bike insurance. It is not sufficient to just purchase it. To maintain coverage, you must also renew your bike insurance prior to the policy's expiration date.


Owning a bike entails significant responsibilities, including tyre maintenance which might increase your chance of an accident. To keep your tyres in excellent shape at all times, use the advice provided above.

Another crucial consideration is to obtain two-wheeler insurance. Thanks to the internet, getting and renewing bike insurance is now a quick process. Make a careful evaluation of possibilities before buying two-wheeler insurance online.

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