Safety tips to follow at the petrol pump


04 Aug 2023

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Refilling your motor vehicle's fuel tank can be a mundane task to do, and no one anticipates the ways this can go wrong. However, the safety guidelines that you would likely notice at the entrance of a fuel refilling pump have to say otherwise.

You may often miss reading the signs & warnings. So, here's a list of things that you should keep in mind while you're at the fuel station to refill your vehicle the next time.

• Turn off ignition

When the attendant at the pump is refilling your vehicle's fuel reserve, you should turn off the engine. Even though no major accidents have been heard about, it is a safety precaution that should be followed, lest some fuel trickle down the nozzle, setting something on fire.

• Never smoke or use fire.

It is a no-brainer that petrol and diesel are highly inflammable. There's a high chance of a fire breakout from a stray cigarette still alight or a carelessly discarded burning matchstick. Anything that has the potential to light up or cause the ignition of the fuel should be kept away during refueling.

• Restrict mobile phone usage.

You may have probably seen or heard people using mobile phones at a distance from the refueling station. It is recommended to avoid using mobile phones while refueling your vehicles at self-service fuel pumps.

• Keep kids safe.

When at the refueling station, keep your kids from doing anything that is dangerous. This includes running around, touching fuel pipes and open wires, or even poking at anything. It is important to instruct kids to remain safe by teaching them about the hazards that can occur at such a place.

• Take care of your belongings.

It may so happen that you are busy paying with your credit/debit card while a note strays away without you noticing, or you keep your mobile phone on top of your car and forget. This can distress you and may put you in trouble. So, always be alert while at the refueling station.

• While handling petrol

When you need to go on a long drive through a place that may not have a refueling station on the way, you need to store and carry fuel. Safety precautions have to be maintained while doing so because self-refueling can be hazardous without them.


Although going to the refueling station is a regular activity, accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, you should abide by these precautions to avoid accidents. If you have motor insurance in place, you can get insured for any mishaps happening to your vehicle. It will be a great support in difficult times when you need emotional & financial help.

Better be safe than sorry!

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