Rules To Follow For Safe Driving


07 Aug 2023

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Important Traffic Rules To Follow To Ensure Safety While Driving

Road safety rules in India are designed in the best interest of vehicle owners. You may follow the below-mentioned ten rules of road safety and regulations while driving to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure safe driving.

1. Always wear a seatbelt

The most important golden rule for road safety is to always strap on a seatbelt when you hit the wheel. Section 138 (3) CMVR 177 MVA of the Motor Vehicles Act lays down the specific fine for not fastening a seatbelt.

2. Avoid distractions

While you are behind the wheel, ensure that your main focus is on driving and obeying traffic rules signs. Do not get distracted by loud music or by talking on the phone while driving.

3. Do not cross the speed limits

The goal of setting a speed limit is to ensure the safety of passengers in the vehicle as well as pedestrians. Besides, driving at high speed, even on roads with less traffic, may result in the driver losing control or a sudden brake fail, thereby causing an accident.

4. Service your car regularly

Service your car regularly to ensure optimal car insurance coverage. Maintaining your car on a regular basis is vital. Repair worn tires, fix your broken headlights, fix your side mirrors, and replace your engine oil as failing to do so may result in accidents.

5. Follow traffic signals

Failing to follow traffic signals may result in accidents. This, in turn, may lead to a damage to the vehicle, bodily injuries, and even death. To financially protect yourself against such an incident, you may purchase a vehicle insurance policy.

6. Maintain lane discipline

Considering the soaring traffic on Indian roads, following lane discipline is extremely crucial. Never overtake a car by changing lanes on a busy road. Even if you do change lanes, remember to give a signal.

7. Be careful during bad weather

It is necessary to take utmost care while driving during bad weather, as road and safety rules go hand in hand. For example, the roads may become foggy during winters, so ensure you have your fog lights on while driving.

8. Maintain a safe distance

Maintaining a safe distance will give you enough time to react in case the vehicle ahead makes a sudden stop. This reduces the chance of a collision and ensures the safety of passengers.

9. Overtake from the right

India follows right-hand drive; hence, the basic road safety rule is to overtake from the right side. Don't change the line.

Even if you are diligently following traffic rules, unexpected mishaps can occur. In such cases, having reliable car or bike insurance can provide essential financial support and coverage.

10. Give way for emergency vehicles

As a driver, it becomes your responsibility to make way for emergency vehicles, adhering to road rules and road signs. You may, therefore, move your vehicle to the side in case an ambulance or a fire brigade needs to cross.

Ministry of Road Transport initiative on road safety

The Ministry of Road Transport's initiative on road safety aims to significantly reduce traffic and accidents nationwide. By implementing stricter regulations and investing in electronic monitoring, the ministry promotes safe driving practices, proper road etiquette and the importance of seatbelt and helmet usage.


Though you may take optimum care while on the road, the risk of an accident cannot be eliminated. Hence, investing in a motor insurance plan is highly recommended. You may further enhance your coverage by opting for a comprehensive car/motor insurance plan. Such a policy offers coverage for most accidental damages. Apart from just owning an insurance plan, make sure you renew your car insurance on time before the expiry of your existing insurance policy.

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