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26 Jul 2023

Learn about the RTO office in Uttarakhand and its services for vehicle registration and driving license.

The RTO in Uttarakhand is a government organization that executes its duties in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Also, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1939 included the provisions that led to the establishment of Uttarakhand's Transport Department.

The rules & regulations implemented by the RTO Office are to ultimately ensure the road safety of the citizens. To access offered RTO services related to vehicles & driving protocols, you can visit your nearest RTO in Uttarakhand.

Let's first discuss the functions performed by the Uttarakhand RTO office.

Functions of RTO Office Uttarakhand

• Ensuring that the laws of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, and the state motor vehicle guidelines are precisely implemented.

• To impose and collect taxes.

• Issue the Registration Certificate (RC) and its duplicate, and update the changes if applied by the applicant.

• Issuing NOC to transfer the vehicle ownership

• To manage the appropriate permissions in order to promote the expansion and advancement of road transportation.

• Issuing learner and permanent driving licence along with duplicate and renewal of licence.

• Implementing road safety and pollution control.

• Inspecting the vehicle's fitness and issuing the fitness certificate.

List of RTO offices in Uttarakhand (with codes)

RTO Location

RTO Code

RTO Almora

UK - 01

RTO Bageshwar

UK - 02

RTO Champawat

UK - 03

RTO Nainital

UK - 04

RTO Pithoragarh

UK - 05

RTO Udham Singh Nagar

UK - 06

RTO DehraDun

UK - 07

RTO Haridwar

UK - 08

RTO Tehri

UK - 09

RTO Uttarkashi

UK - 10

RTO Chamoli

UK - 11

RTO Pauri

UK - 12

RTO Rudraprayag

UK - 13

RTO Rishikesh

UK - 14

RTO Kotdwar

UK - 15

RTO Vikasnagar

UK - 16

RTO Roorkee

UK - 17

RTO Kashipur

UK - 18

Types of Driving Licence (DL) issued at RTO Office Uttarakhand

Below are the types of driving licences issued by Uttarakhand's RTO office.

• Licence to drive a geared motorbike

• Light-duty vehicle licences and permits

• Driving licence for a medium-sized passenger car

• Motorbike licence for all the engine CCs

• Driving licence for a motorcycle without gears

• All India Driving Permit for heavy goods vehicles and road rollers.

• International Driving licence/permit

• Trailer driving licence to those who have a heavy-duty vehicle driving licence.

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RTO Office Panvel



All licences and permits you might require for driving are issued by the RTO office of Uttarakhand. They are responsible for managing all vehicle-related penalties, taxes, fees, etc. You should be aware of all the traffic rules and follow them to avoid any fines imposed by the RTO office. Moreover, it is a legal requirement to have motor insurance if you bought a new vehicle or your car insurance has expired.

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