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04 Aug 2023

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The Regional Transport Office, Tripura, was established under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Its primary goal is to make sure that rules & regulations set under by the government are implemented and followed by the citizens.

The Tripura RTO Office is governed by the Transport Commissioner, and it is responsible for offering a wide range of services. It has numerous functions to ensure road safety, including registering cars, providing licenses, ensuring vehicle health, etc.

Functions of RTO Office Tripura

Each Regional Transport Office (RTO) in India has a particular set of functions they ought to carry out in various Indian cities, states, or union territories. The Tripura RTO primarily fulfills three significant roles:

• To guarantee that all the rules & restrictions outlined by the Transport Department are properly carried out, and the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 and the State Motor Vehicle Standards are in place.

• Fines & Tax is imposed and collected.

• Facilitating the growth of road transportation through the administration of relevant permits.

• Issuing driving licence and learner's driving licence and taking driving tests

• Registration and pre-registration of the vehicle while keeping the database of all the registered vehicles and drivers.

List of ARTO & RTO offices in Tripura (with codes)

The following is the list of ARTO and RTO offices in Tripura:

RTO Location

RTO Code

RTO Agartala

TR - 01

RTO Agartala

TR - 02

RTO Kailashahar

TR - 03

RTO Dharamanagar

TR - 04

RTO Ambassa

TR - 05

Types of Driving Licence Issued at RTO Office Tripura

The types of driving licence issues at the RTO office, Tripura are:

• Driving licence for motorcycles with gear

• Driving licence for motorcycles below or equal to 50 CC of engine

• Driving licence and permit for heavy goods vehicle

• Light motor vehicle permits

• International driving permit

• Driving licence and medium passenger vehicle

• Driving licence for Heavy-duty vehicle

• Trailer driving licence for those with heavy-duty motor vehicle licences.

In brief, Tripura's RTO office issues all the permits and driving licences (new, duplicate, and renewed), among other essential functions. They are in charge of all the road taxes, fines, etc., levied on a vehicle. You can obtain any motor licence from your nearest RTO or can also apply online via the mparivahan website.

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