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20 Jun 2023

Find complete RTO Thane details, including licenses and vehicle registration.

Known as the city of lakes, Thane has a rich history, a prosperous present and a promising future. This Maharashtrian city, which is slowly turning into a metropolitan is an immediate neighbour of Mumbai and often reflects its gleaming culture too. With the constant development of the city, there has also been an increase in Thane’s road transport. With a vehicle population of 23 lakhs, against the 22-lakh human population, the Thane RTO works constantly towards maintaining and improving the city’s transport system.

Check out the list of RTO Thane with details in the table given below:

  • RTO Code: MH04

  • RTO Address: Regional Transport Officer, Near Central Jail, Thane, 400601

  • RTO Number: 022‐25340474/ 25446787

  • Office Time: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Responsibilities of Thane RTO

There are several responsibilities of RTO Thane that are duly performed to maintain discipline on the road and ensure proper functioning. Check out the functions of Thane RTO:

  • RTO Thane issues driving licenses and is also responsible to issue international driving licenses

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) is issued by Thane RTO

  • All the administrative duties stated under the Motors Act of 1988 are performed by RTO Thane

  • The registration of the vehicles is also done by RTO Thane

  • All the vehicle dealers are provided trade certificate

  • RTO Thane ensures that all safety measures are followed and vehicle pollution is under control

  • Thane RTO also provides countersignatures for vehicles registered in other states

  • Inter-state bus terminals are managed

  • Road-tax payment and registration formalities online are managed

  • Road transportation is integrated with airports, metros, and railways.

Types of driving licenses issued by RTO Thane

Different types of driving licenses are issued by RTO Thane. Have a look at the pointers below to understand:

  • MC 50CC:

All those individuals between the age of 16 to 18 who wish to apply for a driver's license, need to apply for MC 50CC. However, for this, they also need an approval letter provided by their parents.

  • Learner's License:

The validity of a learner's license is 6 months as it is a temporary license. After 6 months, the driver must own a permanent driving license. A learner's license is issued to those who are learning to drive.


An MCWOG/FVG license is issued to people above the age of 18 years. It is issued for non-gear vehicles like scooters and mopeds. The engine can be of any capacity with no gear.

  • LMV:

Vehicles under the category of light-duty vehicles are issued LMV licenses. It includes cars, autorickshaws, vans, jeeps, etc.

  • Commercial license:

Under commercial license comes HMV, MGV, HGMV, and HPMV/HTV licenses. It is issued for vehicles with medium-good carrying capacity, heavy goods and passenger vehicles, heavy transport vehicles and so on.

Types of vehicles registered under RTO Thane:

RTO Thane provides two types of registration; temporary and permanent. Check the details below:

  • Temporary registration:

Before getting a permanent registration number for the vehicle, a new vehicle receives a temporary registration number with a validity of 7 days. Once the validity ends, the vehicle needs a permanent registration number to drive legally on the roads.

Check now how to obtain a Temporary Registration Number.

  • Permanent registration:

The permanent registration number is the final registration of the vehicle. It is done after the owner of the vehicle submits all the documents to the RTO. It is mandatory for all vehicles to have a permanent registration number in order to legally drive on Indian roads.


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