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The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1924 (Amended 1993) enlist the rules & regulations, which are enforced by every RTO office in Punjab administered by the Transport Department. The state transport commissioner oversees the transportation division, with assistance from two other state transport commissioners.

The RTO (Regional Transport Office) has multiple functions to ensure the road safety of the public traveling on the road.

Functions of RTO Office in Punjab

RTO Punjab carries out the following functions:

• Registration

• Temporary registration of the vehicle

• Permanent registration of the vehicle

• Transfer of registration certificate

• Renewal of registration certification

• Issue NOC to transfer registration certificate

• Endorsement or termination of hire-purchase agreement

• Update the changes done in the registration certificate

• Issuance and renewal of driving licence

• Issuance and renewal of commercial vehicle permit

• Collecting fees and taxes. Also, collecting fines.

• Issuance of vehicle fitness certificate

List of ARTO & RTO offices in Punjab (with code)

The below table contains the updated list of ARTO and RTO offices:

RTO Location RTO Code
RTO Taxis PB - 01
RTO Amritsar PB - 02
RTO Bathinda PB - 03
RTO Faridkot PB - 04
RTO Faridkot PB - 05
RTO Gurdaspur PB - 06
RTO Hoshiarpur PB - 07
RTO Jalandhar PB - 08
RTO Kapurthala PB - 09
RTO Ludhiana PB - 10
RTO Patiala PB - 11
RTO Ropar PB - 12
RTO Sangrur PB - 13
RTO Ajnala PB - 14
RTO Abohar PB - 15
RTO Anandpur Sahib PB - 16
RTO Baba Bakal PB - 17
RTO Batala PB - 18
RTO Barnala PB - 19
RTO Balachaur PB - 20
RTO Dasuya PB - 21
RTO Fazilka PB - 22
RTO Fatehgarh Sahib PB - 23
RTO Garhshankar PB - 24
RTO Jagraon PB - 25
RTO Khanna PB - 26
RTO Kharar PB - 27
RTO Malerkotla PB - 28
RTO Moga PB - 29
RTO Muktsar PB - 30
RTO Mansa PB - 31
RTO Nawanshahr PB- 32
RTO Nakodar PB- 33
RTO Nabha PB- 34
RTO Pathankot PB- 35
RTO Phagwara PB- 36
RTO Phillaur PB- 37
RTO Patti PB- 38
RTO Rajpura PB- 39
RTO Rampura Phul PB- 40
RTO Sultanpur Lodhi PB- 41
RTO Samana PB- 42
RTO Samrala PB- 43
RTO Sunam PB- 44
RTO Talwandi Sabo PB- 45
RTO Tarn Taran PB- 46
RTO Zira PB- 47
RTO Amloh PB- 48
RTO Khamano PB- 49
RTO Budhlada PB- 50
RTO Jhunir/Sardulgarh PB- 51
RTO Bassi Pathana PB- 52
RTO Malout PB- 53
RTO Mukerian PB- 54
RTO Payal PB- 55
RTO Raikot PB- 56
RTO Bhulath PB- 57
RTO Dera Baba Nanak PB- 58
RTO Dhuri PB- 59
RTO Gidderbaha PB- 60
RTO Jalalabad PB- 61
RTO Jaitu PB- 62
RTO Khadoor Sahib PB- 63
RTO Moonak PB- 64
RTO Mohali PB- 65
RTO Nihal Singh Wala PB- 66
RTO Shahkot PB- 67
RTO Dhar Kalan PB- 68
RTO Bagha Purana PB- 69
RTO Dera Bassi PB- 70
RTO Chamkaur Sahib PB- 71
RTO Patran PB- 72
RTO Tappa Mandi PB- 73
RTO Nangal PB- 74
RTO Lehra PB- 75
RTO Ahmedgarh PB- 76

Types of Driving Licence Issued at RTO Office in Punjab

The following are the types of driving licences issued at the Punjab RTO office:

• A heavy-duty vehicle driving permit

• Light-duty driver's licence without equipment (any cc)

• Light-duty vehicle licence for business purposes

• A two-wheeler licence with an engine capacity of 50 cc or below

• A heavy trailer licence for people who currently hold a heavy vehicle driving licence

• Light-duty licence for a vehicle used for commercial purposes

• Light motor vehicle licence with equipment for engines with a minimum 50 cc capacity.


There are around 76 RTO office in Punjab, as per the latest data. If you want your driving licence, RC, PUC, or want to transfer the vehicle registration to another person, reach out to your respective RTO office. Just be sure to follow all the traffic rules and keep every legal document of the vehicle you own to avoid any legal punishment.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for education and informational purpose only, none of the information contained in our blog amounts to any form of opinion or advice. Please go through policy related documents carefully or consult an expert before making any insurance-related decisions.


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